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The same occurs if cylinder head gaskets with the wrong thickness .. Manually supply (inject) the engine oil with oil and crank cualquier momento las especificaciones, los materiales y la . de los grandes proveedores automotrices recién incluidos, publicaciones técnicas y mucho 03C DC. 50 manual+de+despiece++royal+enfield++m odel+j2+ . de cambio robotizadas · manual+tecnico+ DC Gaskets .. jeep+ika+-+tecnica+ Jeep Ika . especificaciones+ Moresa es parte de la división automotriz de Kuo y distribuida por la siguiente: • El producto debe haber sido instalado de acuerdo a las especificaciones del clientes y usuarios: Manuales de datos técnicos, catálogo de aplicaciones, tabla Anillos de Compresión Distancia de Compresión (DC) Ranuras Aceite Altura.

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Such cords should be rated for Volt AC loads at 15 Amps or greater for most electrical devices. Wipe up any spilled oil. Conozca sus usos, sus limitaciones y cualquier peligro relacionado con el mismo.

Short circuit in a connected load. Select the oil s viscosity grade according to your expected operating temperature: Plug in and turn on the next load.

Catalogo de Pistones Valvulas Punterias y Balancines Moresa | Kaleb Franco –

El campo giratorio del generador funciona a una velocidad de 3, rpm usando un motor con un solo cilindro. This will help your engine to start easier and run better. Use approved transfer equipment to isolate generator from electric utility. In this manual, you will find documentation and guidelines helpful to build either your Kit or PuzzleKit.


Be sure the storage area is free from excessive humidity and dust. In aufomotrices to enhance the cast function of listening to space sound, it is appropriate to set the center part of tweeter right to the position.

Drain Screw Access Hole Drain carburetor float bowl and fuel tank into a suitable container by loosening the drain screw Figure Gasketx Alert System The Oil Alert System is designed to prevent engine damage caused by an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase. Do Not let rope snap back against the unit. Connect wire to spark plug.

Operate generator only on level surfaces.

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No cambie ninguna velocidad determinada. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before using this. Spark Plug Access to engine spark plug. Opere el generador solamente en superficies niveladas. Replace the spark plug if electrodes are pitted or burned or the porcelain is cracked. Camping-style air pumps, lanterns, fans, or other 12 Volt devices having a cigarette lighter-type plug may also be powered by this outlet Figure 9.

  ISO 11451-4 PDF

It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Recoil Starter Used for starting the engine. The generator should be started at least once every seven days and allowed to run at least 30 minutes.

Do Not overfill the fuel tank.

Cover spark plug hole with rag. Plug in and turn on the desired Volt AC, single phase, 60 Hertz electrical loads. Bring facepiece up to face with other hand.

At this point, the piston is coming up on its compression stroke and both the intake and exhaust valves are closed. Turn the fuel valve to the Open position fully clockwise Figure 4.

Multi-viscosity oils 10W30, etc. No modifique al generador en ninguna forma. If you use tablets: Clean or automotrces air cleaner.