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The Liber Chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger in , or Nuremberg Chronicle as it is generally called, is one of the . Liber Chronicarum. Author: Written by Hartmann Schedel (German, Nuremberg – Nuremberg). Publisher: Published by Anton Koberger (German. (Liber chronicarum) Registrum huius operis libri cronicarum cum figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mundi. Author: Written by Hartmann Schedel (German, Nuremberg.

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Not only do the contracts between Schedel and his financial partners Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermaister, and Schedel and the artists survive in the Nuremberg Stadtsbibliothek, but so too do detailed manuscript exemplars of both Latin and German editions. This library, one of the largest formed by an individual in the 15th century, is now mostly preserved chronicafum the Bayerische Staasbibliothek in Munich.

They contracted Michael Wohlgemut and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff c. Taschen, It has been estimated that a bound and colored copy cost six guilders.

Two merchants, Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermaistersubsidized the undertaking and contracted the two artists Michael Wolgemut and Wilhelm Pleydenwurff d. Institution Bavarian State Library. The colouring on some examples has been added much later, and some copies have been broken up for sale as decorative prints. Retrieved from ” https: Chronicarim help improve this article by chroincarum citations to reliable sources.

A document from has the final account of the sales of the two editions. As with other books of chdonicarum period, many of the woodcuts, showing towns, battles or kings were used more than once in the book, with the text labels merely changed; one count of the number of original woodcuts is It is one of the finest illustrated books of the fifteenth century with illustrations of biblical scenes, major cities, characters from myths and fables, the genealogical tables of emperors see fig.

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The view of Florence was adapted from an engraving by Francesco Rosselli. He borrowed most frequently from another humanist chronicle, Supplementum Chronicarumby Jacob Philip Foresti of Bergamo. The two editions were planned simultaneously, each with its own specially designed, new type, and both with the same woodcuts; the Latin edition preceded the German by about 5 months see following lot for the German edition.

The Liber chronicarumalso known as the Nuremberg Chronicle, is one of most celebrated books to be issued during the early years of printing, mainly because of its 1, glorious images. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nuremberg Chronicle.

Liber chronicarum, Nuremberg, | Boston Athenæum

Fictitious portrait of Hartmann Schedel from Schedel’s own estate, pasted into a medical treatise. German Wikisource has original text related to this article: Sebastian Kammermeister and Sebald Schreyer financed the printing in a contract dated March 16,although preparations chronicaru been well under way for several years.

This brilliantly colored copy, owned by Schedel, contains valuable additional matter, such as Erhard Etzlaub’s map of the road to Rome. The publication history of the Nuremberg Chronicle is perhaps the best documented of any chromicarum printed of that period.

Liber chronicarum

The design consists of figures in stamped, rectangular boxes and differs on the front and back. The Latin edition was published on 12 Julyand a German edition, translated chronicarhm George Alt, the chronicagum scribe of Nuremberg, was published on 23 December The Chronicle was first published in Latin on 12 July in the city of Nuremberg. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.


The Nuremberg Chronicle is an illustrated biblical paraphrase and world history that follows the story of human history related in the Bible; it includes the histories of a number of important Western cities.

The Nuremberg Chronicle – World Digital Library

The Renaissance Print, — Previous ownership of this copy is unknown. They cut different blocks and used some several times for the final illustrations, the same cut often being used to illustrate different towns or people.

Although this is possible, as he was apprenticed to Wohlgemut, this is doubted by other scholars. In the meantime, a German translation was commissioned by the two financiers to Georg Alt circaa scribe at Nuremberg treasury, and the German edition was printed alongside the Latin one between January and December The Liber Chronicarum or the Nuremberg Chronicleas it is also known, is a history of the world from chronicarm todividing earthly history into six ages: Pen and black ink.