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Results 1 – 12 of 35 Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice. Jun 15, by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi and Tom Wright. The following essay on Uchiyama Kosho Roshi’s life of mendicancy was written in the early 70’s. For roshi, a life of material poverty was taken for granted as a. Kosho Uchiyama was a preeminent Japanese Zen master, instrumental in bringing Zen to America. The author of over twenty books read.

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People who try to get one big satori do not accept that they must live their life with all of its freshness and vigor.

How to Cook Your Life by Dogen, Kosho Uchiyama Roshi | : Books

I had some experience of takuhatsu before I moved to Antaiji, when I lived in temples out in the countryside. Consequently, all the universities turned down the scientists’ requests to return and the unfortunate scientists returned to the government facilities and continued their work on new atomic weapons.

Every time you try to succeed at something that is a little beyond your natural capacity, you generally wind up crying over the spilled milk of your failure and, to that extent, there can never be any total peace of mind. Another day I was on a roll and ten-yen coins were falling in my bowl one after another.

Kosho Uchiyama Roshi Quotes (Author of How to Cook Your Life)

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Take hold of emptiness and use it to build pagodas and buddhas. Inevitably we go through times of utter collapse as well. Don’t you make that decision with the measurement stick of your thoughts that is: In the first place, the attitude of trying to gain something is itself unstable.


In the afternoon Suzuki gave a brief talk in Japanese to Uchiyama’s Japanese zazen students. If you are a stockbroker you will think like this. One thing people out on takuhatsu cannot abide are all the other people plying the trade. When it is a matter of living this fresh life, it is of course not enough to simply think about your life in your head.

We are thus ever bifurcating Reality, dividing it into something good and something bad, something we like and something we don’t. Whenever I started off badly, I just figured later my luck would change for the better. I have been able to act this way due to the support I have received through takuhatsu.

Whatever situation you are involved, thoughts will arise of their own accord while you are doing zazen. Human beings put I into everything without knowing it.

Kōshō Uchiyama

You should not forget though that to practice the Buddha way means to let go off the self and practice egolessness. Although we have an intelligent look, we are simply groping in darkness.

On top of that, I prepared three meals a day and if I didn’t go out on takuhatsu, I had my laundry to do. And before I knew it, people got used to my new style. His daughter was pleading with her mother to give her something. What is important is your own practice, which has to consist of following the imperfect master as perfectly as possible.


This is practicing realization. I have to awaken the mind a billion times?

And when you climb ten thousand trees, you are climbing yourself for a ten thousand times. It wasn’t because I wanted to take a rest that I desired to get right back to the temple. So many young people who had dedicated themselves, body and soul, to the practice of zazen began at some point to wonder if they weren’t wasting their youth with this zazen that does not fill them up at all.

To think that you can liberate yourself without a master is a heretic opinion that can be traced back to the naturalistic school of philosophy in India. Still, even though whatever may happen is okay, if you do not apply any businesslike principle to your activities, even to one like takuhatsu, you will end up a fool. After the war — rather late for his age — he entered the Academy for Buddhist studies in his home town. Walking along on a crisp autumn day, the long sleeves of my black robe billowing in the wind, there really couldn’t be any greater feeling of elegance than that.

I’m not very good at insisting on things going my way, but I tend to be a fairly persevering person; if there is a wall and I keep pushing at it, I tend to believe that eventually it will fall.