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Durga Devi Stotram – This App plays the images of Kanaka Durga Devi along with Durga Stotram. Best app to listen to Godess Kanakadurga. Consumes low. Mahishasura Mardini Stotram: Ayi Girinandini Nanditamedini. Devi Durga. 1. Maa Durga – The Daughter of the Mountain and Joy of the World Maa Durga . Kanaka-Pishangga Prssatka-Nissangga Rasad-Bhatta-Shrngga Hataa-Battuke |. Durga Mantra – Maa Durga is the epitome of a true woman – she is a nurturer, caregiver, protector and when necessary, the destroyer.

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Sri Lalita Sahasra Namam. Akshaya Tritiya mantras and donations based on your zodiac sign! Adjacent to the Kanakadurga temple is the shrine of Malleswara Swamy on the Indrakeeladri. Temple buses are available at bus stand and railway station for every 20 minutes. Sri Kanaka Durga Devi, the chief duega of the temple is portrayed as blessing the visiting devotees in various forms avatars during the ten-day festival.

Stotra, is a mantra to overcome all adversaries and enemies. He who kanakz won over Madhu, Wears the Kousthuba as ornament, And also the garland of glances, of blue Indraneela, Filled with love to protect and grant wishes to Him, Of her who lives on the lotus, And let those also fall on me, And grant me all that is good. There was a problem saving your details.

Sri Sankara Vaibhavamu Additionally, if you are planning for a child but unable to conceive, chanting this mantra will help improve the chances.


Maa Durga is the truest manifestation of Shakti and the core essence of the whole cosmos at its roots. This should burn throughout the puja rituals.

devunislokalu: Vijayawada kanaka durga stothram

Shiva Shadakshari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Alaya Darsanamu Achara Vaisshtyam.

Sage Indrakila practiced severe penance, and when the goddess appeared the sage pleaded Her to reside on his head and keep vigil on the wicked demons. SriMaata Vaibhavamu Vijayawada, Offer the dishes you durfa prepared. Understanding the essence behind Mantras. Your devotion alone is the key to please Durga. For more of these bhakthi documents, click here. Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh. Please help us and send a note if the information is incorrect or you have more accurate information.

The goddess is the epitome of beauty. The most significant are Saraswati puja and Theppotsavam. There Maa Durga took form from the male trinity stogram came to be known as Shakti.

This is the place where Arjuna obtained the Pasupatha astra after his great penance for Lord Shiva. Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavamulu Salutations to you as Vedas which give rise to good actions, Salutation to you as Rathi for giving the most beautiful qualities, Salutation to you as Shakthi ,who lives in the hundred petalled lotus, And salutations to you who is Goddess of plenty, And is the consort of Purushottama Salutations storam her who is as pretty. We present you the following material related to the above discourses.

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Sri Durga Sahasthranamam || Sri Kanakadhara Stotram || Durgashtakam

She who is the Lotus, She who is the consort, Of the Lord with Lotus like eyes, She who has glances filled with mercy, Please turn your glance on me, Who is the poorest among the poor, And first make me the vesselTo receive your pity and compassion He who recites these prayers daily, On her who is personification of Vedas, On her who is the mother of the three worlds, On her who is Goddess Rema[25], Will be blessed without doubt, With all good graceful qualities, With all the great fortunes that one can get, And would live in the world, With great recognition from even the learned.


If you need response, make sure you give your name and knaka address. It is said that the growing menace of demons became unbearable for the natives.

Contact Us Feedback Subscribe. Kaalika puraana, Durgaa sapthashati and other vedic literature have mentioned about Goddess Kanaka Durga on the Indrakeelaadri and have described the deity as Swayambhu, self-manifested in Triteeya kalpa. One of srotram many mythologies associated with this place is that Arjuna prayed to Lord Shiva on top of Indrakeela hill to win His blessings and the city derived its name “Vijayawada” after this victory.

The festival of Dasara for Goddess “Durga” is celebrated here every year.