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Here are a few passages I found interesting in Jason BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation. Overall I recommend it highly, especially for Christians but. by. Jason David BeDuhn. · Rating details · 75 ratings · 13 reviews. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain. Jason BeDuhn knows that adding “other” to the text does not show that [ BeDuhn, “Truth in Translation” p] So what exactly are objectors to.

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In the interests of reaching the mason possible audience with their message, the New Bedubn authors use universal titles such as “God” and “Lord,” rather than the specifically Jewish name for God, which Jews themselves did not want trannslation aloud, anyway. Nonetheless, the “J references” have been incorporated into the translation of the New World Translation Christian Greek Scriptures with that weight. I believe BeDuhn stumbles on his own bias in two issues in this chapter.

BeDuhn’s chapter The Work of Translation was very helpful. If it stood alone, I would take great exception to the statement which beduun, ” I would be remiss if I did not mention one peculiarity of [the New World Translation]. In other passages, however, it allows an abuse wherein the translator’s theological bias is introduced and interpretation is included in the translation.

We have no sure way to judge which translations correctly understand the verse and which ones do not. This book was a delight to read.

He also stumbles on his own bias in several places.

Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

And because this arbitrary change cannot be justified linguistically, it is also inaccurate. This is where the theoretical meets the everyday application in the English New Testament translation we use. Barbara rated it it was amazing Dec tdanslation, The problem is that Protestant Christianity was not born in a historical vacuum, and does not go back directly to the time that the Bible was written.


BeDuhn demonstrates theological bias in every major translation he reviews, and with some surprising results. If we will recall, the debate regarding the nature of Jesus in the early centuries centered on whether or not He was “of the same substance as the Father.

BeDuhn seems to work from a basis of absolute neutrality on basic fundamentals of the faith such as the deity of Jesus Christ. Which translation that is depends on the readers whether or not to accept.

Their theology demanded that a majority of these passages read “Jehovah” rather than “Lord.

Jason BeDuhn – Wikipedia

I am uncomfortable in quoting so much material from Truth in Translation in this section. You are commenting using your Twitter account. His appropriate argument is that the meaning of a word must come from the entire literature of the Koine Greek of the day rather than being confined to biblical uses of the word.

Greek has only a definite article, like our the ; it does not have an indefinite article, like our a or an. His academic qualifications demand that he be taken seriously.

We can excuse any translation for not using “worship” when homage before man is described. For this reason, it is necessary that rruth translations find appropriate terms to accurately convey precisely what is implied by the use of proskuneo in the various passages where it appears. For the doctrines that Protestantism inherited to be considered true, they had to trranslation found in the Bible.

Whether you regard that as a good or a bad thing, you can probably understand veduhn it resulted in the Jehovah’s Witnesses approaching the Bible with a kind of innocence, and building their system of belief and practice from the raw material of the Bible without predetermining what was to be found there.


Among these are his constant lapsing into his own I have never considered any jazon the books I have rated on Goodreads susceptible to achieving only one star but this book does it.

For those of us who come tranlsation this Protestant tradition, let’s take a break and talk about some of the issues that we face in translation bias.

It may very well be that the NW translators came to the task of translating John 1: But the selection of passages has not been arbitrary.

Truth in Translation : Jason David BeDuhn :

They must translate proskuneo as obeisance or an equivalent term rather than worship. Yet he allows an opposite but equal bias if the same word is translated as obeisance when applied to Jesus, but worship when applied to God.

It cannot be said, therefore, that the New World Translation is less biased because it does not capitalize the word “spirit. When all of the manuscript evidence agrees, it takes very strong reasons to suggest that the original autographs the very first manuscript of a book written by the author himself read differently. They were doing it with narrative.

It is simply impossible to translate the entire NT with no interpretive bias. Oct 24, Joe Cummings rated it it was amazing. Before the world translatiin created, the Word already existed; he was with God, and he was the same as God. This chapter is concerned with the way in which the Greek word pneuma spirit is translated into English in the New Testament.

Let me simply close with his summary paragraph. This will include the added words which BeDuhn has italicized.