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Broken April is in large part a description of the brutal blood feud traditions of the Albanian highlands, based on a four-century old set of rules. This scene from Ismail Kadare’s novel Broken April (), a fable of vendetta in the north Albanian highlands, discloses both a narrative and a. The Broken April Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and Written by Ismail Kadare, this captivating tale of culture and society follows the.

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Books and Writers kirjasto. Does she not see it is the glorious choice of Shakespeare’s Hamlet made large? Broken April 1 20 Apr 30, The version I read was in English. Here, in this completely stupid book, I’d found a living phrase. This was a glimpse into a violent, brutal culture. Plus, an ancient book of laws and mores, a book called the Kanun which describes how when and where these murders should occur, along with required ritual chanting which must be performed while murdering, is actually a real book STILL followed religiously by some rural villages in Albania!

When reading ismwil book I recalled “Blindness” of Saramago. How did they get up in the mornings and how did they go to bed at night?

During the ordeal, he stated that “dictatorship and authentic literature are incompatible. Sadly, they’re all true. Real life interference did not help either. Mar 24, Dennis rated it liked it Recommends it for: Ffs, what real-life culture would codify into their common law rules about ritual assassinations, a cascading continuation of murder after murder of selected individuals to be passed down from generation to generation?

A writer would not have known he should not write about the falsification of ismall.

Living with ghosts | Books | The Guardian

But earlier still, as a boy growing kadars and starting to read, his appetite had found food in darkness and mystery. After one man kills to avenge an insult, a duty of revenge continues until all the men of a household are either dead or sheltering in towers of sanctuary, unable to go out during daylight.


View all 21 comments. Kadare’s cohabitation with the regime has excited critics in the wake of this year’s International Booker.

As in aoril other works, Ismail Kadare captures a great deal with a few words. July 8, at I’m still blown away. But he is famous in Europe, especially in France and Albania.

As Gjorg struggles to come to terms with his probable ismai, the ismaol also features a honeymooning couple who come to visit the area, travelling in a dark carriage. In the early 60s, life in Albania was pleasant and well-organised. There is a distinct beauty in the uniqueness of “Broken April” and this quality more than compensates the slight disappointment of a plot and an ending which could have been a bit better.

Gjorg’s story was the most fascinating–the murder, what he does in his time of reprieve, and his final shocking though inevitable fate. He has made his name by works in which he waxed lyrical about the highlands, the peasants, and the Kanun. Was it a mistake to have a honeymoon in the mountains? A person selected to be murdered can travel safely while on certain designated roads and paths, but as soon as that person leaves the ‘safe’ road or path, then that person can be murdered.

They like horrors, they like ghosts and witches and magicians. This is the first book by Ismail Kadare I’ve ever read and most likely the first of a long series.

The villager, not the unknown ismali, becomes responsible for satisfying the Code of Blood Feud as stated in the Kanun. You are commenting using your Facebook account. At a late point in the novel, Bessian somewhat casually drops the name of Marx. But this is pretty obvious, isn’t it? It feels absurd and unnecessary, a tragic waste of human life. Maybe over the course of time when enough change surrounding a code of revenge occurs, the code dissipates such as with the Hatfields and McCoys.

Broken April, Ismail Kadare

View all 3 comments. What glamour there is in the peasants’ lives derives from their participation in self-perpetuating blood-feuds, regulated like everything else by the ancient set of oral laws known as the Kanun.


These gentlemen are sent for whenever there is a question ismal should be killed in response to a death, and who should be the ‘justicer’, as the murderer is officially named. To ask other readers questions about Broken Aprilplease sign up. Instead, I learned that Kadare’s story about the early 20th-century Albanian mountain and village ismwil of the past is a real-life culture of people who still live outside of the legal governmental framework of Albania as if they were in the midst of the Middle Ages and not part of the 21st century.

Then Kadare shifts to a young married couple on honeymoon–the husband has a romantic view of these customs as folklore.

The bridegroom, a writer, is fascinated by the blood feud culture, and sees it as material for future work, but his bride is understandably horrified. Preview — Broken April by Ismail Kadare.

At first, I believed I was reading only a historical fiction novel about the culture of Albania that existed long ago in the past, and later, as I progressed deeper into the story of ‘Broken April’, I thought maybe it was also a symbolic folktale of Albania because of the novel’s literary architecture.

We haven’t had time to do it in much depth but I at least have had a deeper plunge into it, and frankly, it’s a towering thing. Instead he revived old forms – parable, myth, fable, folk-tale, legend – packed them with allusion and metaphor, plundered the past. He almost let out a sigh. Tagged as ismail kadare. The robotic processes that are set in place are close to Kafka, and specifically The Castle.