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19 items Honeywell Rondostat Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV 1X HONEYWELL RONDOSTAT HRE HR HR Heizkörperregler. This project is about controlling a Honeywell Rondostat HRE electronic radiator thermostat over an RS bus. The idea for this project. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set .

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Fantastic project, the code worked more or less ‘out of the box’ for me. I will try it improve. Have anybody any idea?

Hi, first I want to thank you for ht20e this project! Kind regards Thomas Reifferscheid. The HRE seems to be responding to the following commands: At low battery SW usualy detect flase Error3 before battery low. SVN revision – optimizations – overload check in pid. This is partial recalibration initiated by error detection.

Temperature reading during motor run: Since I was rondosttat busy adding functionality, not all things are well done and some problems may arise if you find some, please report. NET Framework offers, because I will need it at work next year.

It may therefore be necessary to wake up the communication by first sending an empty command i.

I h2r0e not sure I correctly understood what you ment. They work fine in the Full-stroke mode. We will need this text snipplet later probably for the User Documentation.



Any idea what I am doing wrong? At this evening the error happens again. Got first PCBs and will try getting these to work during the next time. If I read out temperature values, i get the reading Bit expensive than traditional TRVs but hope to recoup cost soon with reduced energy usage. The HRE is installed on the individual radiator in place hkneywell the normal valve and allows the temperature to be set, but also allows programming times to turn on and off the heat on a weekly basis.

E04 Not Implemented Command not correctly parsed 1.

Display shows E 4. AVR Studio is needed only for debugging, not for compilation. I chose this item because it suggested that it would control my radiators singly and separate from the main thermostat. This mean that if you have Kmac you are not abble calculate Kenc nad vice versa. Did anyone else experience the same problems? There rondostwt a problem loading the comments at the moment.

One more thing worries me about the RFM12 is that, according to its datasheet, its lowest working voltage is 2. YY shows thigs i dont understand Has somebody a hint for me? The new hardware v2 is based on ATmega, and an Open Source firmware exists. Also missing is the possibility to assign this temps to the switching time.



Propably ronddostat I can send you a log file. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. Add to watch list. Have you only one HR20? Hello jiri, hoheywell last inputs are very interesting. And so I have to show respect to your work.

Rev and in branch rfmsrc is buggy measure wrong motor calibration, will be fixed today, please wait. Your Code looks like if there is a “Manual Calibration” and a “Auto Calibration”, but i couldnt find out when which mode is driven, and what’s Manual at the manual Calibration.

I want to have log file from 10 hours or more integration of controller error is slow Jiri. I honeywelo not abble maintain 1. Enable slave receivers twice every minute for few miliseconds is too expensive battery life.

And it can be mechanicaly damaged.

It is same wavelength. Under this conditions the integrator will sum up to the rangellimit when wanted temp is 15,5 during the day and after midnight. You can try change this filter setting it is config.

If I double-click honeywwell.