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Heyr, Himna Smiður by Árstíðir, released 12 February Heyr, himna smiður, hvers skáldið biður. Komi mjúk til mín miskunnin þín. Því heit. Heyr himna smiður by Ylja, released 12 October Hear, smith of heavens what the poet prays. May your mercy come softly unto me. Árstíðir – Live in Dresden (FREE DOWNLOAD – includes Heyr himna smiður ) by Árstíðir, released 20 September 1. Þér ég unni 2. Shades / Tárin 3.

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Protect me, mild one, when I most need thee, for every hour of the life of man. Both translations come from Wikipedia. Super inspirational melodies and arrangements, and fantastic guitar playing Tee-vee go to album.

Kolbeinn Tumason

Satisfies my prog urges agrocamp go to album. When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Great debut album, amazing vocals and instrumentation. Super inspirational melodies and arrangements, and fantastic guitar playing Tee-vee.

The poem is a prayer to God for strength, peace, and guidance in the face of the prospect of open inter-clan warfare. Watch over me, mild one, Most we need thee, truly every moment in the world of men. Fanfare by Brass Magic. It exists in more countries and versions than any other we’ve found, and kids everywhere know the tune.


Different bones stood for different animals. You may do your work as Editor As I call on thee, Thou my creator. Fanfare by Brass Magic. Guard me, my savior.

May softly come unto me thy mercy. No, only men can be warlocks. The poetry is a hymn and the oldest known hymn in the Nordic countries. As I call on thee, Thou my creator. Take into account that in the middle ages, the blacksmith’s trade had the highest technology available.

I am thy hmna, Thou art my true Lord. A New Nursery Rhyme from Iceland. Hikna acoustic icelandic chamber music chamber pop indie vocal. So below is both the literal translation and one arranged in a smoother Hymn form to have five syllables per line.

Watch over me, mild one, Most we need thee, truly every moment in the world of men. Streaming and Download help. They remind many Bulgarians of their childhood. Deeply-felt, folk-derived indiepop from Melbourne that balances lovely, quavering vocal melodies with twinkling acoustics.

Moderator of Romance Languages. Nathanael Strickland is the hsyr and chief editor of FaithandHeritage. I saw them in Kansas City last July and was blown away. Your purchase will help us keep our site online!

Average citizens of the country your fathers built! Five of our best-selling ebooks for a highly discounted price!


Arstidir – Heyr himna smiður lyrics + English translation

Atheists’ Jeremy Fisette leaves his acoustic guitar behind for a palette of layered synths and loops, yielding a dreamy pop experiment. Your slave I am and you are my Lord. If you like Ylja, you may also like: Aid cometh from thee, To my deepest heart.

Leap Frog by John Hulburt. Silent Night is one of the most beloved Christmas Carols around the world. This was the first release I’ve ever heard from Plini a few years back, and I was instantly blown away by smiir beautiful it was. Here you can listen to a touching rendition in both German and English. Drive out, O king of suns, generous and great, human every sorrow from the city of the heart.

Nancy Bienski wrote me: Solunas My favorite artists will always be those who can deliver a stellar live performance, and boy do these guys deliver. As is often the case with a centuries old poem in a foreign language, translating it into English is a bit tricky.