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Jacob pointed to How I Found Freedom in an Unfree world in a post, and there I went. Harry Browne has been very influential for me. An excellent primer on pursuing more freedom in your life. Very impersonal egoist influenced, and it makes good arguments around honesty, priorities, and the. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Book Review Browne takes very fundamental notions of liberty and sovereignty and reflects on years spent applying.

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Accept it, live it, reveal it. He told you what he wanted, but he has no power to enforce it.

This dovetails a bit with the Rights Trap since I was pretty concerned with government encroachment on the freedoms we enjoy in western culture. I often dip into it and read just a few pages to refresh and rekindle my ideas and dreams.

Having done that, it is then possible to become a happy, fulfilled, useful member of society. You may not even know how to produce the product you want to market.

Book Club: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World – Early Retirement Extreme Forums (est. )

The desire for certainty can cause you to try to have an explanation for everything that happens. It asks you a few things assuming that you are an individualistic American, implicitly First off is the Box Trap, which I think is one of the most common from the sound of it.

Kindle The effort to prevent discovery of facts about yourself can be costly and draining. Why does amazon force us to write a certain number of words so to be able to post?

And someone else may want it just to maintain his image as a learned person.

As I am planning my wedding next year, reading about how marriage is unnecessarily constrictive felt a bit odd. Later on I had reason t A query from a friend prompts me to explain my four-star rating here. Desires always exceed resources.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World: A Handbook for Personal Liberty by Harry Browne

No one else has to be convinced — it requires only your decision and action. Let them be convinced by reality instead. Freefom takes time to become thoroughly acquainted with yourself, to throw off a lifetime of pressures, to relax and accept what you see in yourself no matter how it may conflict with social standardsand to learn to act in ways consistent with your nature.


Whether you’re a Libertarian or otherwise, this book will provide some insights to everyone and how to find Freedom. Later knowledge may explain those events quite easily. But I also find that I enjoy giving – not because I want to look unselfish, or feel like Browme ought to be unselfish, or because it is my duty – it is a reflection of my joy in having abundantly. Thought Provoking You will have to read this with an open mind.

Out there in the world are many different kinds of people. The whole point of the book is that we are free to act in our own self-interest, but this seems a little extreme.

Early Retirement Extreme Forums (est. 2010)

Broowne, any attempt to effect a change of the outside world of any significance or permanence is likely to end up unsuccessful after wasting your precious time and resources. No matter how you handle it, you pay for dishonesty. Part III is about How to apply these changes. In terms of finance, it bears resemblance to Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek in suggesting outsourcing services instead of hiring employees, and working in terms of projects instead of frefdom hours.

Still, the idea that you should carefully decide what consequences you want out of life, then act to get them, is sound.

This book was simply the begnning of some questions and thoughts that I have been using to change my life. Customers who bought this item also bought. Please try again later. This philosophy relates to us all on the ERE forums. There’s not a ton in the way of specific advice on how to get out of these traps, but that’s kinda the point. He applies logic and reason to concepts where logic and reason are specifically discouraged in modern society.


Browne went where very haryr people won’t go or are afraid to go I won’t say how because I don’t want to ruin the book for people. The idea of separating our personal world into things we can control and things we cannot, and concentrate on the former, is at the heart of ancient stoicism and factors into such more modern formulations as the Serenity Prayer.

Browne’s main thesis is that you do not have to change the world, society, the unfreee system, your boss or you wife in order to be happy. Chances are you only need one job and one man or maybe two or three.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World: A Handbook for Personal Liberty

Apr 11, Ronald Roschnafsky rated it it was amazing. Freedom from Social Restrictions This chapter made me realize how far I still have to go to achieve the kind of freedom Browne is talking about. The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: It is our goal to try our haryr to reach our goals via direct alternatives, even if there are systematic obstacles in the way.

If you read nothing else, read that chapter Chapter You earn it by living up to the standards that have meaning to you, finding other people who value those standards, and continuing to live up to those standards. I tried to reconstruct it as best I could but hagry the other review was brilliant. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be free of the constraints of society, or self, or whatever holds you back and keeps you from moving forward to what matters most in your life.

Changing yourself when you meet people to make them like you will never make you free.