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Even when GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling was published, there were ways to simplify it, and some of those were included in. Any references to “the book” below refer to GURPS Technical Grappling, and the “core rules” are the ones from GURPS Characters and. 1. Make an attack. You may initiate a grapple, improve a grip, break a grapple, or perform a special attack. Initiate a grapple by making an attack with DX.

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I’ve seen it, and it is good. It’s a way to make grappling monsters both scarier and a more nuanced foe. All in all, using TG for DF is why the crushroom fight last time was such a fun one and a dramatic one, not an excuse grapping sigh that even ST 40 gets you nothing special when you chomp and hold on. The rules are robust enough to handle these cases plausibly. My first experience with the supplement was that I hit that first crunch paragraph telling me to refer to a table in the back of the book.

The book itself is 51 pages dense with crunch, organized grrappling favor of reference rather than presentation.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. As someone with little real-world experience of grappling sports, I found this especially daunting. Grabbing is pretty straight-forward and defenses work against it just as they would against any other attack, so this chapter is mainly about what happens after that. Technical Grappling Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the most useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter.

Dungeon Fantastic: Technical Grappling + DF = Awesome

For hurting them, you spend control points to set bounds on damage. Preview of the PDF. The important thing is, this has so far been a fun campaign, in large part due to the technical grappling rules. If you can imagine a grappling situation, you can probably model it with these rules, step-by-step.


Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling for prizes and honor, grapp,ing who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: Fortunately, I persevered, and after the first pass, I had enough sense of the overall framework grapplkng read it again for grappliing.

Originally Posted by munin. Along the way, it makes rules for grappling more consistent with those of combat in general.

Benjamin Morley September 16, at One of my players complained that for his Karate-using character, techmical rules in Technical Grappling seem to make wrestlers overpowered, that a wrestler could grab him and make him weaker, rinse and repeat to make him helpless. Of the rest of the book, half consists of special cases of this basic concept.

First, it introduces some granularity. Let’s just say that Benjamin isn’t the first to think of this.

Technical Grappling makes a couple of things more clear: And defenses are derived from DX. A weak man might have to attack several times in order to accumulate an impressive control point total, but having done so, he can do nasty things to a stronger man by spending those points profligately. Privacy Policy Contact Us.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Or at least, suffer -4 DX and wait trappling the crushroom to do a Takedown easy and Pin easier and end it. We had a fight with crushrooms last time.

When you hit with a grappling attack, roll damage thrust-based. Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the grapoling useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter.

The good news is, the full potential complexity I just described is rarely seen in actual play, and when it is, a little hand-waving and guestimating is good graplling.

Since I conceived this campaign specifically to teach the combat system to new players, I decided to incorporate the new supplement from the beginning, rather than change downstream.


Once you grapple someone, you can basically do two things: Originally Posted by munin I have to admit, I have tried twice and have been unable to actually read through the supplement so this post isn’t an actual review, more like an AAR — army regulations are much easier to read than this supplement.

All times are GMT How much control you get in a grapple depends partly on native strength and partly on your skill in the application thereof.

GURPS Technical Grappling Sequence

gurpw Tags martial artstechnical grappling Thread Tools. You can use it for other things, too, as the name that the author has chosen for this special type of damage makes clear: Any melee — from a brawl to a swordfight — could suddenly move into the clinch. However, unless he gets a grip of his own, he does so without the benefit of control points. He wrote an article. Douglas Cole September 16, at 9: Narrow your focus gurpa the One Foe option, exploit Committed Attack to force a posture change, pass a limb to trap your opponent, and more.

But at the same time, a grab-specialized monster can now inflict ridiculous top-end effects. Chapter 1 introduces the basic concept grapoling many more besides, like the idea that if someone grabs you, their weight with gear affects your encumbrance, and your weight affects theirs.

The weekend before I started my current campaign, Technical Grappling came out.

ST 20, it rolls vs. So there is a chance of a marginal grab. However, Wrestling skill gives no direct bonus to the damage control point roll; instead it gives a bonus to the ST score used to derive thrust-based damage.