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Answered by: Tom Kyte – Last updated: January 24, – am UTC. Category: Database Ok, so it has been four years since Expert One on One Oracle has been released. Author of this Tip: Thomas Kyte. Tom Kyte. Source code for ‘Expert One-on-One Oracle’ by Thomas Kyte – Apress/exp-one- on-one-oracle. A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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Also, one volume is better for cross-reference. I would tell you to write, neverminding the number of pages.

Whatever else you wanted to go in 1st edition but could not put due to space limitations To me the important thing is to not leave out content due to space restriction – given that if it is easy to have multiple volumes, om be it.

September 05, – 9: LMT’s for all tablespaces, etc. Looking forward to your feedback For me New book is only important be it a single or multi volumeAfterall each sentence written by tom on Oracle is very important. Otherwise, more books, more analytic examples, more index, and query solutions.

Mark from Phoenx, AZ. It would be nice to have little paperbacks that could fit inside a purse or pocket. Multi-volumes September 14, – 9: Kracle best thing about Tom Kyte’s writing is that his examples work! I don’t think you can ever learn too much and even if you cover something that might not fit into my job description today, who knows what I will be doing tomorrow. More than a bible – a complete course from Intermediate to Expert i would say. If any of your books ever get translated to another language, please make sure that translation is made by a technical person, not a profesional translator.


Perhaps along the xepert of “SQL for Smarties”, but I am never quite sure exactly how good the solutions in that reference are, particularly in the Oracle environment. Each Volumn covering different areas. Tom, you could easily do a volume just on SQL: Love the idea of getting the electronic first edition with purchase of the second edition. All of us would appreciate if you could give us an approximate idea when we can expect this book.

It is easier to keep up with one book than three. Count mine as another vote for one single volume. But you’re asking for something different. Expertt think your book has kyye of everything covered and the web site has a lot more resources. The best advice in obe section is that performance cannot thomsa thrown in at the end. In my opinion the main difference between a single volume or a single boxed set of volumes and volumes sold separately is that the first would be perceived as a whole unit, while distinct volumes sold separately would be considered ‘different’ books.

Expert One-on-One:Oracle by Thomas Kyte (Wrox) (Books forum at Coderanch)

I found the index in the original to be good – but I didn’t think the index in Effective Oracle by Design was very good. If I could just search the index to get the page pointers I would be thrilled yeah, Tom’s b-tree index. But since they are all developers, they might just skip a DBA specific book. Say, add a volume quickly on a rhomas feature or aspect you did not cover.

Give us the opportunity to try and solve the problem ourselves the things users have presented to you over timeand than give us your approach, the things you think about when you see problems like this, and ultimately, the answer.

Would only want this to come out soon. Jeff from Atlanta, Ga. Not sure why anyone would want a CD with thomqs book, much easier to download things that can be kept up to date.


Good Idea September 01, – 7: That’s also why I would hesitate to buy a 2nd edition; the basic idea of the book wouldn’t change much I guess. Sweet, a new edition!

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noe So to get as much Tom Kyte knowledge as possible multi-volume approach is fine with me. He consistently shows an uncommonly high amount of respect for the people he helps. That would be about as cool as it could get in this industry. Kumar from Dallas, TX.

The database just seems to be getting more and more complex.

Just the basic, in terms of the optimiser defaults and how it all works. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

So powerful but I don’t use them enough to get good. I doubt the people who have a problem carrying one book would be satisfied with a mutli-volumne edition, then the story would be “but there’re too many books to carry! It tackles the problems that developers and DBAs struggle with every day. Important is the info those volumes carry September 16, – I like the single volume, but at some point you can’t bind pages onr the editors will start to make unpleasant choices.

If we like to carry it with us, we’ll do it, if thoams don’t, we won’t. Same thing for Knowledge seekers. I promise you this have a bright future, specially if you share all the internals you know about Oracle. A P Clarke from London, England. English Choose a language for shopping. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Pl don’t exceed this size September 12, – 8: