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Answered by: Tom Kyte – Last updated: January 24, – am UTC. Category: Database Ok, so it has been four years since Expert One on One Oracle has been released. Author of this Tip: Thomas Kyte. Tom Kyte. Source code for ‘Expert One-on-One Oracle’ by Thomas Kyte – Apress/exp-one- on-one-oracle. A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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Hi Tom, That’s great. I am still constantly refer to your book and would love an updated copy. September 14, – 2: These requests most likely lead to multiple-volumes. Topics I am interested most in: If there are two books on the same topic my first not my only but my first inclination is to compare the books by of pages. I like the idea of code examples that give the minimum privs to do the job.

New in 2nd version of Expert 1o1 October 14, – 5: What would be really cool for those of us that already have the first edition would be a patch release which we could apply ond our existing copy.

How many pages are we talking? September 10, – I don’t know maybe other people that didn’t end to read all your book could say why.

Whatever goes in, I’m. I think your book has most of everything covered and the web site kyge a lot more resources. Everything except loosing part of your work because of being ‘cutted’ just to fit in one volume. Tom why instead of writing book you solve the problem from root, hhomas don’t you design Oracle University courses, or private courses.


Thanks for being a member of the AskTOM community. Karthikeyan rated it liked it Nov 19, Want to Read saving…. If you decide to partition the book make sure there is a global index, if not both global and local. Thicker paper please September 13, – 3: If it is in one onee, I can glance through the topics that I do not use on a daily basis. OK, so I’m a wimp.

The important thing is, there’s a new great book on the horizon. Well done Tom – I commend you on your “ongoingness” well orracle least it is not an abreviation – keep going. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Expert One-on-One:Oracle by Thomas Kyte (Wrox) (Books forum at Coderanch)

The number of databases out there [including ones connected to the internet] with default orale for various users is scary, and nowhere can I find a simple checklist for all the things you need to do to make sure the database is secure from hacking and d.

Andy from United Kingdom. Tom, Eagrly awaiting your new book. Then go through backing up and recovering the system [possibly manually and with RMAN]. More ‘fun with packages’ stuff in the appendix. Each subject contains gems of insight that had escaped me for some years now.

Therefore, you can have a history of the the changes that you make rxpert any particular subject Basically a section which leads people from a clean install to a relatively secure and well-designed kgte installation.

If you put out multiple volumes, I’d buy all of them, and a the same time, so a package deal would be good. You’ve already mentioned that you had to leave some material out due to size in the 1st edition. Hi Tom, First a great big thanks for your work here in this list, your dedication and knowledge is awesome and I do understand how much time it takes to make something like this work as well as you have it working.


I vote for One book because when ever I have time to breath, I flip open your book at random and start reading.

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You find out the most interesting stuff that way. Your content is spectacular and we are happy to consume it all regardless of how many pages you write.

I’m sure that they would be willing to give you the information on how to set up adobe acrobat to produc these types of documents. I get a question mark for every single word I type: I like the idea of putting the old book as electroice copy September 09, – I would like kne see that theme continued. Ricardobalieiro rated it it was amazing Apr 18, September 09, – 3: I asked him about the time it took to write the book, and he acknowledged that it took a major chunk out of his life.

Andrea Stroppolo from Biella, Italy.

Second Edition of “Expert One on One Oracle”

If it is divided into 3 or 4 volumesLyte am not sure whether I buy all 4, as I will pick and choose only the books that cover the topics that I use on a daily basis. I love effective Oracle by design, but wish it were a little smaller. September 08, – 5: Web Development September 03, – 8: Most people will just end up buying all three anyway. Oj is a very generous with his time, but also perpetually busy answering questions on his web site he was connected with a laptop and cell phone before he started the presentation.