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Evan Almighty is Bruce Almighty’s sort-of sequel. Director Tom Shadyac and screenplay writer Steve Oedekerk are back, as is Freeman. Evan-Almighty script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Bruce Almighty script at the Internet Movie Script Database. BRUCE ALMIGHTY by Steve Koren & Mark O’Keefe Rewrite by Steve Oedekerk 7/30/02 Shady.

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What the hell happened? GOD They’re prayers, Bruce. Believing that Evan has gone insane, Joan leaves him, although she encounters God in disguise as a waiter at a diner.

And no to you. Bruce looks out over the rioters. He looks at Bruce’s wet leg, offers the mop.

Evan Almighty Script – transcript from the screenplay and/or the Steve Carell movie

Uh-hum, that the Chief of Police HOOD 2 Yeah, you and whose army? Can you hear me? Way to go, buddy Listen to me closely. Have you seen the news lately?


Bruce throws his hands in the air, frustrated. GOD cont’d The soul of his work would have been built out of his hardships. Stunned staffers stare at the monitor.

EVAN Sorry, we’re having a few technical difficulties, here Ryan Baxter John Goodman ComedyFamilyFantasy. Right out of the gate, I lost the hair advantage. He raises a hand, and with a simple wave, he performs an excruciatingly selfless act.

Pete smiles a proud, heart-felt smile. Sam walks over and laps up the wine. That was just Buffalo, between Commonwealth and 57th.

Evan Almighty – Wikipedia

GOD Let’s take a walk. His car door won’t open so he has to crawl out of the driver’s window. He keeps talking, but the stream increases. Grace goes to put them in water.

It’s just that he usually calls during the day. The Old Man eyes Bruce suspiciously, gets up and moves further down the counter.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

You know, it’s not all about money. You should thank God for donors. GOD You’ve been doing a lot of complaining about me, Bruce.


You think he’s going to propose. Bruce whiffs it, tastes it. Enter the Fist