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Camax stock and supply Elster A’s in either 5A Current Transformer Connection or A Direct Connection. This document is intended as a guide to help Suppliers of Elster Metering Systems Your Elster A Meter has been chosen by your Service Provider to . A Three-phase CT Meter available at MWA Technology. Speedy delivery from direct Rating. A, Elster three phase electricity CT meter, 5/10/ A.

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Data Stream Mode Double click on the new data to read in the scheme manager Double click one of the readings to view the data read back from the meter.

Hi, yes I’ve got a workable system running now, but ended up just using the LED pulse output of the A meter as unfortunately the IR interface is password protected by our utility company, so I can’t access it. A110 profiling — The A can be set to observe daylight savings See 3. The features available will depend on the meter variant See Section 5.

Use the Delete option from the Users menu list to delete the selected User. For correctly installed 3 phase 4 wire meters, one of the battery connections will be at ‘Mains Neutral’ potential. Load Profiling If AC supply is selected, the crystal will take over in the event of a supply failure. Select Compatibility on the Main Menu Bar.

I haven’t used the Open Energy Monitor system as I have a specific requirement here, I ended up using a networked Arduino Ethernet board with a custom built shield with interfaces for the meters eoster energy monitor we have here.

Opening folders In the Scheme Manager, double click the leftmost mouse button on Schemes. Menus This option allows unwanted.

Appendix D – External Battery Module External Battery Module power will be removed from the meter if the ‘No button time-out’ programmable from 10 to seconds using the Power Master Unit has expired. This facility is limited to reading data only. All data is retained for the life of the meter.


There’s some good tutorial stuff on the MagPi web site https: Context Menu with the options shown opposite becomes available.

Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. A new file with the following format must be loaded. Data Stream Mode See Section It will be necessary to set the pulse value of the meter under test shown on the meter nameplate into the meter test equipment. Double click on the new data to read in the scheme manager Double click one of the readings to view the data read back from the meter.

Holiday is the day type selected to use. The Password is initially set to Elster. Enter the connection method and any outstation no. Use the Restore option from the Users dropdown list to return to the original Administrator selection. A2 Live Link Data will be read back from the meter Note: Secure the lower end of the meter to the board using two 5mm dia.

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Elster A1140 MID Polyphase Electricity Meter in CT or Direct Connection

Tighten screws just sufficiently to prevent movement of the meter. This option allows unwanted. Elster Metering Systems holds on a110 the appropriate Declaration of Conformity and supporting documentation, against which the CE mark is affixed. Page 97 Probe with DTR disabled Probe with DTR enabled It is important to choose the correct probe for your installation, as optical communications will not be available if the wrong probe is selected.

Page 87 E71 Once configured, remember to change HyperTerminal baud rate to elstdr. Up to 32 Exclusion Dates can be programmed. If your country is not included in this list please e-mail admin test-meter.

This manual is for use with the A meter and the A load profile meter only. Meter Constants Retransmit is selected along with the appropriate Source, Pulse value and the Pulse width.


An event is detected if the meter runs in reverse for a period greater than elstrr seconds. Season Changeover Eldter A switching time for the 1 Jan is shown opposite. It measures both kWh and kvarh electricity and can monitor single-phase and three-phase networks whilst load profiling helps data collection and analysis.

If a request for a small adjustment With a year product life, the A provides excellent, reliable electricity usage monitoring for a wide range of environments, and has several different features to allow for power cuts, tampering, and electricity pulses. A Scheme called Elater Scheme is entered in the Scheme manager and is highlighted. Page 74 RS Multi-drop Mode For more information on delivery, please see our terms and conditions.

Reading an Elster A electricity meter remotely | Archived Forum

When you have chosen the folder: An optional battery See Section 20 supports the port during power outages. It’s also convenient for me as I like to dabble with these things: RES files to be deleted.

Suitable for monitoring both three- and single-phase systems Appropriate for CT and whole current in commercial and light-industrial environments Highly secure and resistant to tampering, power surges, and power cuts.

It is recommended that the database is backed up at least once a week and that the files are stored on a separate computer. Security The meter offers high security with many useful security features. Recordable security features are illustrated below. Try measuring the period between pulses rather than counting pulses over a period of time, this will give you a faster indication of direct power measurement.

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