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Ectima Contagioso Agente Etiologico Patogenia Es un Virus de la familia infecto contagiosa que afecta principalment a ovinos y caprinos. Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. No description Transcript of Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. GOAL! Full transcript. Ectima contagioso. JV Epidemiologia. -Dermatitis pustular contagiosa. – Estomatitis pustular contagiosa -Viruela ovina. -Foliculitis por.

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Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos by Julio Penagos López on Prezi

In contrast with this increase, the management of small ruminants is rudimentary, uses unsophisticated technical assistance and depends on the native vegetation. Detection and diagnosis of contagipso by the polymerase chain reaction. Morphological and molecular characterization conagioso the poxvirus BeAn All goats were not vaccinated against orf infection. The lesions have been on the soft skin areas or crossing of mucous membranes and skin lips, commissural, on the wings of the nose.

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The ear lesions progressed through the same sequence of stages: Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin. The clinical diagnosis was contagious ecthyma. Identification and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from goats in Taiwan.

The severe and extensive forms of contagious ecthyma are rarely and usually described in young goats. New molecular diagnostic tests have been developed and used in association contagiso traditional clinical approaches ecyima 141819 ].

Severe diffuse infiltration by mononuclear cells was observed in the dermis.

This study indicates that in period October — Marchin two flocks located in Braila and Giurgiu counties, contagious ecthyma has been a proportion of 2.

An increase in the Brazilian ovine and caprine market has been observed over the last several years, leading to the emancipation of herds and the intensification of the circulation of animals. Although grouped in ORFV cluster, the Brazilian samples showed variations between their sequences, and presented similarity of Water and scabs collected from bovine vaccinia lesions were used as negative controls. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Denudated skin lesions with moist and ulcerative lesions in the coronet Figure 4. Implications on the emergence of zoonotic orthopoxviruses. The hair was sintered, wet, and it falls off with cutaneous layers fig.

Comparative sequence analysis of major envelope protein gene B2L of Indian orf viruses isolated from sheep and goats. Denudated skin lesions with moist and ulcerative lesions in the coronet. This study provides phylogenetic information about ORFV strains, which is a matter for prospective public health studies. Characterization of parapoxviruses circulating among wild Japanese serows Capricornis crispus Microbiol Immunol.

Services on Demand Journal. A human case was observed in an investigator that was feeding a goat that later appeared with lesions of the disease.

File:Ectima contagioso ovino.jpg

Giant and recurrent orf virus infection in a renal transplant recipient contagiosp with imiquimod. Diagnosis is based on the herd history and the lesion characteristics, but the accurate diagnosis is based on immunologic tests and viral isolation [9]. The lesions inside of the mouth were observed in only one kid with generalized contagious ecthyma. Orf virus ORFVthe prototype of the genus Parapoxvirus PPVis the etiological agent of contagious ecthyma, a severe exanthematic dermatitis that afflicts domestic and wild small ruminants.

One kid had generalized contagious ecthyma. Case presentation an outbreak of ovine contagious ecthyma in Midwest Brazil sn investigated. ORFV is endemic in Brazil [ 16 ]. Macules fast moving up to the state of the crust over a period of weeks vesicle, with mm diameter, passes the pimple in about 2 days cpntagioso, 11, 13]. April 14,[http: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


However, these data suggest that the introduction of new ORFV strains into Brazil may occur through the import of animals in order to improve herd genetics.

Most vulnerable year periods are seasons with extreme temperatures late summer and winterwhen the immune system of the animals can ovinks affected by sudden changes of temperature [2, 9, 13]. In sheep lesions were associated with ear tagging [1]. The young animals 4 — 6 months are most affected, registering the worst forms, goats are more sensitive than sheep, and the improved goat breeds are more susceptible Boer or Boer crosses, more rarely Saanen [11, 12].

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In both flocks were identified 84 young goats, ovimos age between two and16 weeks. Upon histologic examination the epidermis showed acanthosis with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia and multifocal ballooning degeneration forming vesicles or pustules.

Multiple alignments of deduced amino acids sequences were generated. Fn disease is usually characterized by highly infectious pustules on the lips, tongue and around the mouth. Ectima contagioso de ovinos y caprinos, Ciencia veterinaria. Contagious ecthyma Gk, ek, out, thyein, to rush is a common infectious and contagious disease that can ovinod sheep, goat, wild ruminants steenbok, alpacas, chamois, thar, reindeer, musk ox, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, dall sheep as well as human beings and canides [8, 11].

Contagious ecthyma orf, contagious pustular dermatitis, sore mouth.