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Items 1 – 50 of In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first. The latest Tweets from Dreamscarred Press (@dreamscarred). Publisher of rules supplements for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Prosper, TX. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below. Akashic Magic. Akasha is an ancient form of.

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We’ll add the Dreamwalkers motif to the Psionics Guide. But it is those who choose to take levels in psionic classes who can unlock and develop this immense power contained within. Wilders From the Deep 1: Psicrystals Dramscarred – one of our first releases in 3. Mythic Psionics Psionics Augmented: Akasha is a somewhat simplistic form of magic, generated by mixing life energy, called essence, with the small amounts of arcane magic that suffuse all things and shaping them into rough physical forms.

Uncertain Futures From the Deep 2: For backers in the US, there is no additional shipping cost.

To accomplish this, we’re seeking a steady set of patrons who will support our upcoming releases so we know how much is safe to budget to writing, editing, artwork, and layout, and how big of a release we can really afford.

Both use the same weight of paper. The Psionics Guide has already been written and is going through public playtesting to get reviews and feedback. At this level, we’ll be able to increase the size of releases up to potentially 16 pages of content! Psicrystals Expanded, which provided a variety of new options for the psicrystal. Seventh Path Psionics Augmented: Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: If we want to get an affordable, traditional offset print run, we need to order at least copies of the hardcover to be cost effective.

Upcoming Projects

Voyager provides new character options for your Pathfinder RPG campaign. Voyager requires the use of Ultimate Psionics. Premium prints will have more vibrant colors. Upcoming Projects So that you know what projects you’ll be supporting and potentially voting onhere are the current list of projects we have in the works in no particular order: Estimated delivery Dec The Athanatism dreamscsrred, the psionic art of manipulating souls and spirits, will be added to the Psionics Guidealong with new psionic powers, class options, and more.


Dreamscarred Press is creating Roleplaying Games | Patreon

Sample mock-up cover, not intended to be final cover. Please see the FAQs for more details on this. Focused Disciplines Psionics Augmented: For most adventurers, this is a warning to unsheathe silver weapons and prepare to battle against werewolves.

Mythic Psionics Psionics Augmented: Everything from the humble steel mirror to great and terrible mystical artifacts have been used on the fields of battle and in deadly dungeons. Check out the FAQ. At its basic roots, the Path of War allows for martially-inclined characters to harness new abilities to aid them in combat. Divergent Paths – with the release of Path of War and Path of War Expanded, there are additional options dreamscafred seek using this combat system.


Written by Anthony S. If we get higher funding, we’ll expand the size of the release. This includes new character options and GM tools.

Artwork is one of the largest costs in creating a book this size. Psionic Tattoos – the psionic tattoo evokes the possibility for a character covered in designs that improve or grant him abilities.

In order to continue to produce content, we need to pay the individuals involved a reasonable rate – but we need to make sure we’re doing this in a sustainable manner instead of losing money with each new release.

Each PDF supplement we’ll release will initially be planned for 8 to 12 pages. In Bloodforge, we introduced you to a variety of halfbreed races for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Patreon U Creator Coaching. Ruling Three From the Deep 3: We learned a tremendous amount from our previous Kickstarters and have built this project to be successful using those lessons learned.


Psionics works differently, so our goal would be to create character sheets with spots to record your power points, powers known, and other psionic abilities.

Your support goes above and beyond and helps us expand our projects and product lines! Items both magical and mundane have a long and storied history in adventuring. For most adventurers, this is a warning to unsheathe silver weapons and prepare to battle against werewolves. The Shadow Wars motif will be added, detailing the spies, saboteurs, and revolutionaries of the psionic races, and the resources they use to hide and find information, manipulate extradimensional space, and get out alive to fight another day.

Long before wizards began unraveling the secrets of the cosmos and codifying them into arcane formulae, and even before dragons, demons and other beings of magic began mingling their blood with lesser species, wise mystics and abstruse visionaries bound the raw magical essence known as akasha into crude physical forms and bent its might to their enigmatic purposes.

Dreamscarred Press | Pathfinder Psionics | Miniatures

This release of Psionics Augmented includes the following brand-new options: You get ddeamscarred have your character as one of the iconic integrator characters in the dreamscarfed. Three new artifacts, including the Chessboard of the Astral Army, the Incinerator Cannon, and the Liar’s Quill The new forgelord prestige class, who uses his expertise in magical item creation to bring forth the full potential of magical items The rules for Legendary Items and the Legendary Items from Ultimate Psionics for those who do not already have that book.

Reward no longer available 1 backer. Funding period Mar 20, – Apr 19, 30 days.