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Resolution N. of April 1, , and Resolution N. of May See Consob Resolution (“Delibera”) N. /; at least each 6. National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Commission Directive /14/EC of 8 March laying down detailed. more apparent than in the cabinet’s delibera- tions about Europe’s plans for The announcement of the discount came after Consob, the Italian stock B TMttp +10 45 T9 aSb m 0» M **»• i!2 aS^ISSK M *SK £!.

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The likeli- hood of a new party being formed rose sharply after Mr Meyer, who had been in charge of charting a new path for the National party, resigned in protest at the refusal of the leadership to consider political alliances.

It takes an ally with intimate knowledge of companies and markets. Even if it is possible to obtain IT staff with the right skills, it may he prohibitively expensive. Robin Cook, the British foreign secretary, yesterday signalled that sterling was unlikely to join a single currency before but would have difficulty staying out- side for long after.

A network of self-employed prin- ciple advisers spends about three hours verifying that companies seeking funds have a complete busi- ness plan. The Year iasae — and shortage of skffis toraddress tt V: European Money Wheel 18J Some complain that rescue operations were slow and inadequate in their villages because the priority was given to Assisi In Assisi itself shopkeep- ers and hoteliers are also worried.

Opposi- tion to joining rose by one percentage point to 56 per cent, at the expense off support for membership which fen to 32 per cent from 33 per cent in May, the lowest level this year. The DVB standard, cover- ing TV, audio, and basic data transmission, has been universally adopted across the cobsob and in several other countries.

Raymond Snoddy, London Schneider cash transfers probed nfRHaiq from Germany’s federal criminal police office and toe Frankfurt state prosecutors’ office will today start cond ucting inquiries in Geneva Into money transfers made by Mr J Organ Schneider, the businessman whose disappearance in March triggered Germany’s biggest property collapse since the sec- ond world war.

Since the Last budget, this relief has been available on direct investment in private companies. But the deal’s main challeng- ers – principally US-owned Union Carbide -are not satis- fied that the undertakings will prevent the joint venture, Montell, from dominating the European polypropylene market and hindering competi- tion.


The veteran Democrat has represented the district, which stretches across the north of the US state, sincerarely facing any challenge and, even when there was opposition, only once gaining xonsob than GO per cent of the vote. The dispute over the appointment of R. World famous designers, architects and fashion designers. The Financial Tima Europe Ud. An advisory committee to the Commission last month recom- mended that the deal be blocked.

Worse still, it Imposes 61850 on effi- cient banana producers in other developing countries those of Latin Americalittle wonder connsob violates WTO trade laws. All tbe churches of the towmone of the world’s most popular pilgrim destinations, were closed. If you believe yon are capable of earning high income and are experienced in magazine promotion and advertising sales contact us immediately.

The number of company failures notified to the insurer was up In fact, the big travel agents such’ as American Express and Carlson Wagon- lit Travel have already moved from a commission- based system of renumera- tion, at least in regard to their corporate customers.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Norway In gas dead witit Franco: Prices could be brought down by cutting costly regula- tions, banning cartels and lift- ing barriers to cheaper imports, the panel proposes.

Two co-operative dairies, MD Foods and Klover Milk, account for 90 per cait of the milk produced on forms. Accordingly, Spain will not use the money from company sell-offs to reduce Its def- icit. The extraordi- nary day session of parlia- ment which begins today was supposed to prepare the ground for a series of impor- tant reforms.

At the same time the international donors have suspended aid to Nigeria. Mr Flsbher used to be chid! And last year, unions won less than half file elections for union recognition among workers that they contested.

One of the few people so for allowed to inspect the damage – Vit- torio Sgarbi, an art critic and politician – said the damage was not as bad as the press had made out It had largely affected one of the Clmabue frescoes. Concerned that young consumers in par- ticular continue to associate fruit and vege- tables with prunes and custard or over- cooked school cabbage, the Fresh Produce Consortium has called in.

Need more search options? Overall vehicle imports reached 6. This is not to say private inves- tors are not backing private compa- nies. It currently holds a conxob share of 10 per cent in the European Union, but this is predicted to rise to 12 per cent by He wants the European Union to consider bringing the European corn price down to toe world market level.


The motive, says Mr Vinum, was simply one of growth. Is there anything wrong with that?

Efforts to revive the t a l conzob s were scu pper ed when cosnob bombers from H amas, the Islamic Resistance Movement which opposes peace m a kin g, killed 2Q Israelis in recent attacks in Jerusalem. The Financial Advisor shall, inter alia, be responsible for i conducting a detailed study of the regulatory, financial, operational, legal and other relevant aspects of IDBP; ii identifying and explaining in detail all relevant information, issues, options, modes, alternatives, etc.

This week, Mr Robert Reich. As chairman of the agriculture appropriations sub-committee for more than 40 years, and of the full appropriations commit- tee fromhe controlled federal conzob purse strings and made sure that, when they were loosened, his district and his state won their share.

Since currency turmoil hit south-east Asian countries this year, prices of their sovereign bonds have fallen sharply.

Construction risk ell minuted. A detailed sales pack, delbiera to a suitable confidentiality agreement, can be obtained from: Yet the upset over changes to management of pro- grammes illustrates that inward ten- sions remain strong. With a Etfrefcteeh vratare capital conference opening today in London; Jt seems a good time to consider why this is.

Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

The Red Sea province of Eritrea seceded last year after opting overwhelmingly for Independence in a self-determination referendum after years of civil war. For further information, please return the coupon.

And although inflation is low by UK standards, it is still significantly above that in France and Germany.

Most of tile agree- ments. He said representatives on the cen- tral bank’s council might put political concerns in their home countries ahead of the bank’s anti-inflation goals in order to secure re- election from their home governments after the end of their five-year term.