September 21st, 2013
Angle Lake, SeaTac WA
8:00 AM Check In Time
Hosted by Blue Wave Aquatics and Valley Aquatics Swim Team


Information for the Last Gasp of Summer 2013 will be updated as soon as it is available. What we do know:

  • Race Day - September 21st, 2013
  • Registration opens June 1st!
  • USMS Master swimmers and USA youth swimmers will be participating again this year
  • Meet Director: Mike Murphy
  • USMS Sanction and USA Sanctions are in the works
  • We have added a history page to keep track of all the fun facts from year to year
Last Gasp of Summer 2011

2013 Race Info

Last Gasp of Summer Race Information Last Gasp of Summer includes 4 events for master swimmers: 1 mile wetsuit, 1 mile non-wetsuit, 2 miles wetsuit, 2 miles non-wetsuit and 3 events for youth swimmers: 1 mile, 2 mile, and 500 meters for 9 - 12 year old swimmers.

Entry includes one event, swim cap, gift and lunch. Family members are welcome to cheer on their swimmers and enjoy lunch after, donations will be accepted.

Meet Information

Safety Meeting


Last Gasp of Summer RegistrationRegistration opens June 15th - Sign up early! Last Gasp of Summer will close on September 21st or when we meet the maximum allowed athlete count of 300.

Eligibility | Registration

Master Swimmers - Register Online!

USA Swimmers - Download Registration Form!


Last Gasp of Summer Race Information Angle Lake is an L shaped community lake in the heart of SeaTac, Washington. The park has lots of common areas and a large beach to spread out and enjoy the final open water event of the season.

Directions | Description

The race map has recently been added to the site - see the race route for the Last Gasp of Summer at Angle lake, SeaTac WA.

Race Map


Results / Records

Awards will be awarded to top finishers for each event, in each swim age group.

US Masters Swimming

US Masters age groups are as follows: 18 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65 - 69, 70 - 74, and additional years with 5 year increments.

USA Swimming

USA Swimming age groups are: 12 & under, 11 - 12, 13 - 14, 15 & over.

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Contact Us

Mike Murphy, Meet Director

[email protected]

US Masters Swimming

Judy Williams, USMS Registrar
[email protected]

USA Swimming

Suzanne Rychlik, USA Registrar
[email protected]

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We have added a history page for The Last Gasp of Summer to capture all the fun facts from that year!