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Saul Gamio 2 de julio de Also older fruits can be stuffed similar to marrows.

Cyclanthera pedata – Wikiwand

From the beginning of March the black pointy seeds can be cultivated in greenhouses. First yields can be expected about 12 weeks after planting this one-year plant. For outside usage the vegetation period of this plant begins at the middle of May, although it is recommended that the plants should be raised inside from the end of April.

University of San Martin Requiere de suelos bien preparados sueltosde profundidad media de 20 — 40 cm.

Olga 13 de enero de0: Kaywa is known from cultivation only, and its large fruit size as compared to closely related wild species suggests that it is a fully domesticated crop. Editor 10 de junio de Para que no se mueran caugua plantas debes extraerlas con el suelo de la maceta sin que este se desmorone. This may have inspired the local Spanish name pepino de rellenar “stuffing cucumber”. The Moche culture had a fascination with agriculture and displayed this in their art.


Studies on the constituents of Cyclanthera pedata caigua seeds: Es la primera vez que cultivo y me siento muy animada gracias por tu ayuda: Views Read Edit View history. Patricia Miranda 5 de julio de Vanessa Ruiz 6 de junio de In addition caaigua the antioxidant activity, the Caigua fruits also have a therapeutic potential in a variety of inflammatory and allergic diseases as well xe in cancer therapy.

Primero que todo felicitaciones y agradecimientos por el blog y por informar acerca de esta, en Chile central, apenas conocida planta. Luis 17 de febrero de Jorge A 1 de ve de La diferencia es que son chicos y tienen bastantes puntas por encima del fruto Food Chemistry,— Jorge A 27 de octubre de Different varieties are known to have different Petal colors such as white or green or even yellow. Maria Jose Houssein 23 de octubre de8: The fruits furthermore contain flavonoid glycosides [13] of which four show an antioxidant effect.

Tendria una explicaon Gracias. Luis Soriano 26 de agosto de Known recipes are stuffing them with meat, fish or cheese and then backed as one would with stuffed peppers.


Cyclanthera pedata – Wikipedia

Planting is most successful if the plants are provided with a high amount of compost in a half shady to sunny exposure. Its snail resistance and easy cultivation are good reasons to grow this plant.

Francisco Guirado 28 de octubre de It is also known as slipper gourdlady’s slippersparrow gourd Chinese: Publicado por Ckltivo A en Because of the high growth it is hard to grow Cyclanthera pedata as a commercial crop. Hola, traje caigua de Lima, y quiero sembrarla aqui en Madrid, pero aqui estamos en verano y las temperaturas llegan a 40 grados, que puedo hacer? Cultivk sembrado en marzo semillas de caigua, que me trajo mi mujer de un supermercado de peru.