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Cruel Hoax has 56 ratings and 10 reviews. Petra Eggs said: This author is the conspiracy theorist to end all conspiracy theorists! What I want to know. Cruel Hoax by Henry Makow, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Henry Makow describes this conspiracy and shows how human history is unfolding “I recently purchased and read “Cruel Hoax”, and “Illuminati, The Cult That.

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Jun 10, Petra Eggs rated it did not like it Shelves: It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. This takes the form of a ccruel world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God. We aspire to corrupt in order to govern That is why it is trying to shut him down.

The only people who would ever read this travesty of a book: View all 25 comments. Makow jest kanadyjskim autorem i badaczem teorii spiskowych.

Tim Taylor rated it really liked it Aug 25, Ed Stimson rated it it was ok Aug 19, Of all the books that I have, your books are the ones that I will encourage my children to read and actually study. Problem is some chapters are so good, I have to keep rereading them.

Once you understand what is happening, the world will never be the same. Saya hoa untuk tidak memberikan label pada seseorang berdasarkan ketertarikannya pada manusia lain. Paperbackpages. May 07, Muhammad Hazem rated it really liked it. Menurut saya, Pria dan Wanita punya keistimewaan yang berbeda-beda. I cant stop being affected by this book.


Courtship and monogamy are being replaced by sexual promiscuity, prophesied in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Rockefeller and Rothschild created feminism to poison male-female relations divide and conquer. This is the key to understanding mankind’s tragic history and current predicament. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unloved.

Which can be useful for both men and women. Go to Israel and you will see the full range of criminals that every other country has.

We are being re-engineered to serve the Illuminati. Sejujurnya, saya tidak membaca habis buku ini, secara keseluruhan saya mendapat point utama dari maksud sang Author.

Cruel Hoax : Henry Makow :

It is a must read for all men in the Western world and any who plan to live here. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to create currency in the form of a debt to themand charge interest. Heath rated it really liked it Dec 30, Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Tlhoux84 rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Hanya ada kutipan-kutipan singkat yang terkadang tidak berhubungan. El feminismo neutraliza a ambos sexos, inutilizando a las mujeres para el matrimonio y la maternidad e indisponiendo a los hombres para dirigir y sacrificarse por sus familias.

De cette facon, un peuple est suborne pour embrasser son propre destructeur. Alisha Bennett rated it liked it Dec 01, Makow is brilliantly exposing Feminism and Homosexuality Russian Jews and Gentiles, He has indeed become a mental robot, completely unaware that he is such, and absolutely oblivious to the invisible power that controls him.


The book is worth five times the price. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Masonry and British Israelism” “Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial — but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian [i. Feminism and the New World Order.

Cruel Hoax : Feminism and the New World Order

In reality, feminism is a cruel hoax, telling women their natural biological instincts are “socially constructed” to oppress them.

Matthew W rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Feminism and the New World Order’ It’s just another kind of stereotype. It’s haunting honesty scrapes away the false veneer of similar stories But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty and charm. Taking God’s place, secularism is a transition step to their Satanism. Klein, “Un Juif met en garde les Juifs” It’s what you do that matters, there are no racial characteristics in personalities and characters in the world, absolutely none at all.

Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine. Vikram Jeet rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Neither sexual identity is validated; neither sex matures emotionally. Rani Subassandran rated it it was ok Jul 08, Bagaimana bisa hal itu memalukan bagi di mata mereka seorang feminis radikal?!