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Short Title and Commencement: (1) This Act may be called the Code of Criminal. Procedure, ; and it shall come into force on the first day. Preface Among the procedural law the Code of Criminal Procedure is very important. The Code was come into force in first July, The Code was enacted. Our legal system’s law of crime is mainly contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides the machinery for the detection of crime.

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When any person, for whose appearance or arrest the officer presiding in any Court is empowered to issue a summons or warrant, is present, in such Court, such officer may require such person to execute a bond, with or without sureties for his appearance in such Court.

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

When attendance of witness may be dispensed with Issue of commission and procedure thereunder. The enactment of sub-section 15 of SectionCr. The State-Magistrate is competent to abandon subsequently a defense witness who though considered by him to be unnecessary, was nevertheless summoned. Motive-How far necessary to prove-Statement made by accused to the investigating officer at the time of investigation – Admissibility of.

Note Duty of the Magistrate. Under Section D, the High Court must set aside an order of forfeiture of any publication which would be punishable under any one or more of Sections A, A or A of the Penal Code if it is not satisfied that the ground on which the Government formed its opinion was not correct.


Record of evidence in absence of accused. Perhaps it will be possible to enlarge Section taking certain special laws dealing with customs foreign exchange etc.

There was no criminal law in uncivilized society.

Basic Concept of CrPC, , Partpdf | Rafsan jaman –

As like the trial before the Magistrate Court, in the trial before the Court of Session the Judge can discharge the accused if he finds no sufficient grounds for proceeding against the accused. In view of the latest amendment made in SectionCr. Distinction between confession and admission. As rcpc procedural law it contains the procedure of the criminal law.

The State-Appeal by informant-Competence-The contention that an appeal at the instance of an informant from an inadequate sentence lies under section A has no substance. C” as the revisional powers themselves had to be conferred by a statute and were xrpc exercised only by reason of Section Where first information report regarding an occurrence was based upon the particulars furnished by another person, direct evidence furnished by the eye-witnesses particularly when their names find mention in the first information report will be given credence.

In a severe change was made to it based on the recommendation of a Joint-Committee.

In cases started otherwise than on a police report it is not necessary that before ‘the trial is commenced copies of the statements of witnesses recorded under SectionCr. Procedure when no such admission is made.


Code are not violative of Art. It is however true that the subordinate courts do not have any inherent powers. The expression ‘matter of such a nature as is referred to in sub-section 1 of Section A’ appearing in Section D means only those matters on which the ccrpc of forfeiture was passed, i. Even oral report of S.

Withdrawal of remaining charges on conviction on one of several charges. Procedure when investigation cannot be completed in twenty-four hours.

Power to declare certain publications forfeited and to issue search-warrants for the same: The foundation of the jurisdiction of the Magistrate under Section is an apprehension 11898 by him with regard to the breach of the peace. It will there be seen that under the first Sub-clause of Section 54 1 of Cr. Warrant forwarded for execution outside jurisdiction. The mere fact that this information was the first in point of time does not by itself clothe it with the character of First Information Report.

Power to crpd the accused.

Language of judgment Contents of judgment. The failure, if any, to strictly and meticulously comply with the technicalities of Section A would becurable under Section of the Code. Where local investigation dispensed with.