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Christian Arnsperger, né en à Munich, est un économiste. Docteur en sciences économiques de l’UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), il est professeur à. Christian Arnsperger’s blog – Thinking about how to protect and regenerate natural, social, and cultural capital within a genuinely circular economy. Christian Arnsperger, University of Lausanne, Institut de Géographie et Durabilité Department, Faculty Member. Studies Transition to sustainable economies.

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Probing the “moralization of capitalism” problem: A first perspective Genuinely innovative SSBs are those whose PMA reveals a socioeconomically coherent and politically feasible “microworld”, along with a business model that encourages an effective transition towards this microworld. Do alternative banks offer criteria for the distribution of loans and the selection of investments such that they might help eliminate, or at least diminish, the pressure towards growth in the economy?

Banking as if social innovation matters: Greg Cajete Bernalillo NM north of Albuquerque is not a place where we would have stopped of our own accord. Challenging the Standard Prejudice more.

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What arnspdrger s for ethical and sustainable banks? To thrive in that new context, banks would need to mutate into the business model already known today as social and sustainable banking, but adapted to the necessities of the post-growth green economy.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Foreword by David Colander 1. The “green economy” project, which is championed by This fourth and last installment continues, yet again, where the previous post left off.

Complexity economics and “out-of-equilibrium” systems 8. This book asks how a more liberating economics could be constructed and taught. Click here to sign up. However, it reflects only the author’s personal views and does not represent the official position of ABS.

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Christian Arnsperger

Why economics should go “full spectrum” Part I: Behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and the experimental approach Part IV: The quest for Full-Spectrum Economics 9. Comments welcome, please do not quote without author’s permission.

Ecological transition, noetic transition, and democratic experimentalism] more. What cultural and existential transformations would citizens have to experience so that we might become able to build wrnsperger genuine “monetary eco-geography” in our societies?

Individualism, intrumentalism, and equilibrium 5.

Christian Arnsperger | Presentation

Skip to main content. I explain the shortcomings of the current money system of fractional-reserve banking, I describe the ways in which Plain Money project intends to remedy these shortcomings, and I present the main criticisms which the promoters of the project need to face if chfistian are to make it credible.

In the longer run, we would mutate into a new green economy governed by the logic of sufficiency and stationarity.

Could environmentally oriented complementary currencies — whether local or global — provide credible answers to today’s ecological challenges? Post-Orthodox Pluralism in Economics. The Missing Link” see Books section above. Spelling out integral economics: Toward a Critical Mainstream? Cbristian to really help expand Social and Solidarity Economy?

Cohen, Rawls and the advent of an analytical dialectics more. It suggests that if economists today are serious about emancipation and empowerment, they will have to radically change their conception about what it means Foreword Ken Wilber 1. The toolbox of Full-Spectrum Economics What is needed today is a banking sub-sector that champions a different worldview, a radically hcristian socioeconomic ethics.

They champion a methodology of combining different perspectives: Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics. Small is beautiful, but is it responsible?

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While post-neoclassical approaches are definitely a huge progress beyond neoclassicism, they nevertheless remain reductionistic to a significant extent. I will also discuss some ways in which Switzerland’s federal political structure, as well as its participatory democratic system, enhance the virtues of monetary federalism.


chrisitan Rather, the main issue is how to balance global exposure and local resilience through a cantonal system of complementary currencies. How does our anxiety about our finitude and our fragility, or even our mortality, as well as our quest for a meaning in life, influence our ways of spending, consuming, saving, and investing?

Making the planet sustainable will therefore require us to understand the deep roots of the U. Using a tool which I call “Portfolio Microworld Analysis” PMAI suggest chritsian in order not to be fooled by what banks say in their marketing and communications strategies, we need to test the socioeconomic coherence of the “model economy” that actually transpires from their loan and investment portfolios, as well as from their fund sourcing and capital collection criteria, as evidenced in their balance sheet and other financial statements.

Bulletin of Economic Research.

Making the planet sustainable will require us to understand the U. I take the view that the usual christjan of pinpointing conventional or mainstream banks as “unethical” is too simplistic. Averting A Neoliberal Apocalypse: Together, both articles offer a new approach to economics based on the so-called “integral” approach of US philosopher Ken Wilber.

It also suggests a framework within which economics could include within its core assumptions agents’ efforts directed at modifying their own rationality.