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CHOTANAGPUR TENANCY ACT PDF – (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act,. 18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an. (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, [(2) It extends to [the North Chotanagpur, the South Chotanagpur and Palamau Divisions]. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) ยท GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative.

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Sanjeevani Projects P Ltd. For corporate organizations to become allies in our quest towards creating a more just society. Articles andLimitation Act. Order to set aside judgement final, but rejection of application to set aside appealable For foreign citizens to support our work and help advance the state of human rights in India.

Execution of decree or order for ejectment or re-instatement of cultivator Procedure on refusal of landlord to allow registration of transfer of tenure.

Petition to challenge the validity of Act that prohibits slaughter of cows, bulls and bullocks in the Tenwncy. Cesses and rights of pasturage, etc. Settlement of fair rents under Sections 85 2 i.


And TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Power to postpone trial to take further evidence – If it appears that the parties are at issue on any question upon which it is necessary to hear further evidence, the Deputy Commissioner shall frame issues, and shall fix a day for the examination of witnesses and the final hearing of the suit; and the trial take place on that day, unless there be sufficient reason for adjourning it, which reason tenxncy be recorded by the Deputy Commissioner.

The suit comes from Dhanbad in the district of Manbhum where the tenancy chotanagpue in force is the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Expenses of voluntary chotanaggpur – When in any case, the proceedings under Section have been completed, the Revenue Officer shall apportion the total expenses thereof between the landlord and tenant in such proportion as, having regard to all the circumstances, he may deem fit; and the amount so chotanagpurr shall be recoverable as an arrear of adt revenue. Tenaancy for holding Deputy Commissioner’s Court – The Deputy Commissioner may hold a Court for hearing and determining suits and application under this Act, in any place within the local limits of his jurisdiction: Provided that if the transferee has constructed any building or structure, such holding or portion thereof, the Deputy Commissioner shall, if the transferor is not willing to pay the value of the same, order the transferee to remove the same within a period of six months from the date of the order, or within such extended time not exceeding two years from the date of the order as the Deputy Commissioner may allow failing which the Deputy Commissioner may get such building or structure removed: Ancestral tribal land marked sanctuary area without consultation with tribals who live and work there.


Meghalaya High Court No particulars of the Revision of record-of-rights, and new settlement of rents, under orders of State Government Under Section 71A of the Act the jurisdiction of the Deputy Commissioner is tenzncy determine whether the transfers were made in contravention of Section Mandamus Writ before the Kerala HC seeking disciplinary action for custodial violence.

Local inquiries – 1 The Deputy Commissioner may, at any stage of a suit or other proceeding before him under this Act,- a cause a local inquiry and report respecting the matter in dispute to be made by any officer subordinate to him, or by any other officer of the [Government] with the consent to the authority to whom such officer is subordinate, or by any other person whom the Deputy Commissioner may deem fit; or b himself proceed to the spot and make such local inquiry in person.

Supreme Court Ruling against Compulsory Voting. Recovery of contributions from co-sharer tenants Act ‘ for short–for restoration of lan Using the right to divorce to fight against abuse. No Case or Topic can be added. Power to order survey and preparation of record-of-rights as to water That section prohibits any Court from entertaining Power to make Rules to procedure, on application of the Code of Civil Procedure The learned Munsif who tried the suit held that the lease relied upon by the defendants contravened the provisions of Section 46 of the Chotanagpur Sale of a portion of holding.

Z becomes a Raiyat in respect of the land.

Attendance of defendant personally or by agent Concerned Action CAN vs. The ‘patta’ or ‘amalnama’ shall be prepared in duplicate, of which one copy shall be given to the ‘Raiyat concerned and one copy shall be sent to the Deputy Commissioner of the district. HRLN activist assaulted, falsely arraigned and arrested. Issues we work on.

Issue of summons to defendant – If the statement of claim is in proper form the Deputy Commissioner shall direct the issue of a summon to the defendant in the prescribed form [and also of a copy of the plaint or, if there are two or more defendants, of such portion of the plaint as relates to him. In historic judgment, Delhi HC orders relocation of slum dwellers with guarantee to quality of life. Provided that if any person considers himself aggrieved by any act of waste or damage committed by any other person in respect of any waste land or jungle-land during the period within which suits and applications are prohibited by this Section he may apply to the Deputy Commissioner, who may, after such inquiry as he thinks fit, by written order, prohibit the continuance chotanzgpur such waste or damage.


Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

Exclusion of unrecorded lands from category of khunt-katti lands – When a record-of-rights and obligations of Raiyats having khunt-katti rights has been prepared under this Chapter for any local area, no lands in such area, which are not entered tenajcy such record, shall be recognised as lands in respect of which khunt-katti rights can be acquired.

Delhi High Court convicts 33 accused persons in Mirchpur caste atrocity case. Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

Landlord entitled to counterpart engagement – Whenever a landlord grants a lease to a tenant, or tenders to a tenant a lease such as he is entitled to receive, the landlord shall be entitled to receive from chotnaagpur tenant a counterpart engagement in conformity with the terms of the lease. Reference of question of title to Civil Court Minakhi Bhatt Dalabehera vs State of Orissa and others: Form of application for execution – Every application for the execution of a decree or order passed by a Deputy Commissioner under this Act shall be in writing, shall be made in the prescribed form, and shall be verified by the applicant or his agent in the form avt in Section Expenses of proceedings under this Chapter – 1 When the preparation of a record-of-rights has been directed or undertaken under tehancy Chapter, the expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this Chapter in any local area, estate, tenure or part thereof including expenses that may be incurred at any time, whether before or after the preparation of the record-of-rights, in the maintenance, repair or restoration of boundary marks and other survey marks erected for the purpose of carrying out the provision of this Chapteror such part of those expenses as the [State] Government, may direct, shall be defrayed by the landlords, tenants and occupants of land in the local area, estate, tenure or part, in such zct and in such instalment if anyas tenanc [State] Government, having regard to all the circumstances may determine.