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The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ hearts. Thus I have heard, at one time, The Buddha was at the. Rare Great Seal Casket Seal Dharani Stupa. This is one of the most potent Feng Shui cure. It is unparalleled in creating protection. It is made from acrylic It is 6. If you guys are interested in reading more about the Casket Seal Dhāraṇī, as I sure will be after this, you can find more info, as well as the full.

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You should remember for the benefit for all. He uses mud or bricks according dhrani his ability. He took off His upper garment, placed it over the pagoda, and wept tears with blood.

If people walking the same road as this person are touched by the wind blown through his clothes, step on his footprints, see his face, or converse with him briefly, their grave sins will all be expunged and their siddhis perfected.

It is not like gaining samadhi through the practice of your own consciousness, but merely through concentration on mantra the samadhi of the mantra starts being present. Day and night they will appear and support that person. All Heavenly beings pay respects to, protect, pay offering to this Stupa day and night when it rises to the Heaven.

Vajrapani is a most important Buddhist protector practice. In sum, all his wishes will be fulfilled sael exception. Because of these causes and conditions, Buddha Dharma should be hidden. Revere, protect, uphold, and propagate them in the world.

In closing, I tell you this: No sick from cold or hot, lilou, tanzhu, sore and scabies.

Sutra of the Whole-Body Relic Treasure Chest Seal Dharani, 一切如來心祕密全身舍利寶篋印陀羅尼經

You protect this Dharma and do not let it stop for the great benefit of all living beings in the future. The material from mud, wood, stone or brick will become seven gems because of the power of this sutra. Because of this reason, ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas, Proper Enlightened Duarani as many as sesames come range upon range without any gap. Buddhism will be hidden because of this reason.


Vengeful thoughts and curses will return to their source without resistance. Are you saying because there is secret mantra, I should not freely spread dharanis to people who sezl entited, by nature, and by the Buddha way, to receive and practice them?

Then diseases and 10, distresses will be eliminated at once. Hate is too great a burden dasket bear. His lifespan will be lengthened, and his fortune and merit will become immeasurable. The Vajrapani mantras are for Mahayana Buddhists and tantric initiates. Also, could you explain to me more about this very special topic other than what I could get on the internet.

casket seal dharani sutra

There, his knowledge of all knowledge will spontaneously unfold. Whether you use earth, wood, stones, or bricks, all will turn into the seven treasures because of the awesome power of the Sutra.

All Celestial beings come three times for praising, surrounding and salute to this place. Then you start reciting it. If there are birds, pigeons, dogs, wolves, mosquitoes and ants, coming to charani shadow of this Stupa or stepping on the acsket, they will destroy the obstruct and understand from ignorance.

He brought his relatives with incense, flowers and good music in the next morning.

Casket Seal Dharani & Stupa 一切如来心秘密全身舍利宝箧印陀罗尼与塔

He returned home quickly and prepared one hundred delicious food and drinks at night. Frangrant cloud comes out from the small Stupa because of the power of the Dharani and his faith.

The wonderful virtue may satisfy all Earthly good wishes. I will now speak briefly about one ten thousandth thereof. He goes to a mountain taking some wild flowers. All Buddhas will bless by spiritual power to any place where the Stupa or the image locates. If any person sees the form of the Stupa, or he hears the sound from the dhaarni, or hears the name of this Stupa, or he is at the shadow of this Stupa.


You have to read it many times, then you can start learning it. They left all the dirty thoughts, and all the worries were gone. Suffering will be gone. We obtain such wonderful merit and virtual since we hear about it.

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We wish The Thus Come One to explain my question to the mass. The radiance of the emanations of all the Tathagatas of the present and of the future as well as the wholebody relics of all the Buddhas of the past is in sela Treasure Chest Seal Dharani. It can fill the entire world with auspicious events. The merit and weal are as the same as abovementioned. After the Buddha finished reciting this spiritual Mantra, all the Buddha-Tathagatas from the pile of earth voiced their praises: Even for dharnai person who should fall to Avici Hell, if he makes one obeisance to the pagoda or circumambulate it once to the right, the door to hell will be blocked and the bodhi road will be opened.

Because of the power of the mantra and his faithful heart, vast, fragrant dharaani will come out of the little pagoda. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If some one who comes to the Stupa begging for blessing, he offers a flower or an incense, prostrates himself before and makes offerings to the Stupa, and circumanbulates the Stupa cadket.

Meanwhile, all Buddhas [in worlds] in the ten directions, looking on together, also shed tears, each emitting light to illuminate this pagoda.