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BUSINESS STATISTICS (ALL INDIAN UNIVERSITIES) 2nd Edition by BHARAT JHUNJHUNWALA PC TULSIAN from Only Genuine Products. Business Statistics () 1st Edition by BHARAT JHUNJHUNWALA, D R JAIN from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Business Statistics [P. C. Tulsian, Bharat Jhunjhunwala] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The 3rd party interveners apprise the Commission that the hydro projects in question have withstood jhunmhunwala rounds of protracted litigation. Counsel strenuously argues that due to the excessive disturbance caused by hydro project development activities, the ecological balance of the Uttarakhand valley has been damaged beyond repair. In order to weigh the submissions made by the respondent as well as 3rd party interveners, it becomes imperative to analyse the ingredients and nature of:.

I or equivalent examination passed or B. Gupta Anjali Gupta Mr.

Examples without use of permutation and combination. Give your Reviews and Suggestions Here. Quartiles, Properties of Arithmetic Mean without proof. The course makes an effort for acquainting the students with the emerging issues in business, trade and commerce regarding analyzing statisitcs facts. To expose students of Commerce to basic Statistical stqtistics 2. Use of soundless calculators are allowed.

As such, what transpires out of this present Appeal is that the Appellant is seeking the information which is already in his possession.

Graph papers are allowed to use. The appellant sought the aforesaid information regarding various hydro electric projects built on river Alaknanda from CEA being statutory custodian of copy of DPR. Rajmane Solapur University, Solapur B.

Arihant All in One Series. As per the mandate of section 19 5 of the RTI Act,onus was put upon the respondent to show cause that the information sought is exempted from disclosure. Another argument advanced by the 3rd party interveners is that any revelation of the DPR or its executive summary or the terms of technical clearance granted by the regulator CEA would jeopardize their commercial interest and place them in a disadvantageous position vis-a- vis with their competitors.


Relevant portion from the pleadings of 3rd party intervener is reproduced hereinafter:. More stress should be given on commercial applications Reference books: To enhance quantitative thinking and build up numerical abilities.

Business Statistics : P. C. Tulsian :

It is contended on the behalf of respondent CEA that the information statistjcs is held by them in course of their statutory role as a regulatory body under the Electricity Actand thus there exists element of fiduciary relationship between it and the respective project developers.

It is further submitted that the information must be disclosed in the overreaching public interest. P in the year Relation between Correlation coefficient and Regression coefficients.

He will have understood the role of Statistics for taking various decisions. It has been written in a “Teach-yourself-study” strictly following a student – friendly approach, and is essential meant to serve as a tutor at home. Whether there is any larger public interest involved which warrants the disclosure of information sought?

Here is what some of our customers are saying: In the considered view jhunjhunwalx Commission, the noble desire of the appellant would not cut ice in the present factual premise. The respondent as well as 3rd party interveners in the respective appeals were heard at length.

The book adopts a fresh and novel approach to the study of Business Statistics. The Oxford English Dictionary, 12th ed. Subsequently, Forest Clearance was also granted accordingly. Once it is established that information is either available or accessible by a public authority, the same is mandated to be disclosed.

Business Statistics

The interveners state the same to be exempted under Section 8 1 d since it contains the terms of sale of power and the pricing details. On successful completion of this syllabi student will be able to get well acquainted with the fundamentals of Probability. Least Square Method Linear Equation. Since the present appeals involve common questions of fact as well as law, they are being taken up together for disposal.


The project developers, who are arrayed as Interveners before the Commission, objected to the proposed disclosure of the information on various grounds. However, the Commission is apprised that the Executive Summary Environmental study for aforesaid project can be accessed at http: On successful completion of this syllabi student will be able to get well acquainted with the fundamentals of Statistics.

In his letter dated Keep up the good work.

Its really worth buying. The Hon’ble High Court had upheld the contentions of the Appellant herein and directed the MoEF to conduct public hearing in accordance with law prescribed under EIA Notification of the year and as per the amendments carried to it in the year He will be able to decide policies of business firms. To improve their logical reasoning ability and interpretation of various statistical results.

It is vehemently argued by the 3rd party interveners that disclosure of DPR would necessarily result it into losing competitive edge over other competing developers. Further, the matter is sub judice, information sought can’t be provided. The expression intellectual property is used in its generic sense in clause d. It is essential that development should not be made at the cost of ecological equilibrium.

Second term of B. Classification and Tabulation 3. To study and critically analyze statistical reasoning to problems of business. II Medium of instruction: Jharkhand Police SI Prelims.