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Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Business Maharajas has ratings and 20 reviews. Sukant said: This book is the compilation of the topmost Indian Businessman of India. This review woul. Business Maharajas has 2 ratings and 1 review. Suparnkumar Sathe said: Great book. Tells you many things about how great businessmen run their businesses.

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They continued buying the next day, and the next, forcing the scrip to rise giddily. Cash outflows on servicing would go down. Dhirubhai was on a roll. My skin, fortunately, is very thick!

For weeks stock markets across the country had been humming with excitement in anticipation of the announcement. The inflection points of each of these businessmen and mahqrajas points of their careers is captured with precision.

In building his industrial empire, Ambani shared Aditya Birla’s view that when buying machinery, it must be the latest and the best. Ambani questioned this we-know-best attitude.

He truly understood the minds of men. Doctors moved him out of the Jaslok Hospital’s intensive care unit within days, but recommended treatment by American specialists in San Diego.

We used to buy fibres from them. Clean’ Singh, Rajiv Gandhi’s new finance minister. Selling the idea is the most important thing, and for that I’ll meet anybody in the government.


Business Maharajas (बिझीनेस महाराजे)

On February 9, Dhirubhai succumbed to the pressure and suffered a paralytic stroke from which he would never totally recover. More serious were the problems in implementing the PTA licence. From Khaitans to Ambanis, she takes you a tour to all the stalwarts. Dhirubhai’s research showed that a staggering Rs 30bn worth of textiles were annually smuggled into India in the ’80s.

For a moment, in history, R.

Business Maharajas – Gita Piramal – Google Books

Secondly, virtually every company making a public issue pushes, up its share price just before its issue opens. Ambani, whose name was said to be an acronym for ambition and money, was a proponent of backward integration.

This mandates an intelligent, powerful and far seeing emperor at the centre. Our first priority was to establish our Vimal brand name.


I don’t have any gurus. It’s a far cry from the clever videos of gorgeous women clad in little more than a necklace and earrings. Socialist India has harassed businesses time and again and continues to do so even after liberalization. Birla, no mean writer himself, used to say that no Indian can write biography.


In he wanted to buy into Ashok Leyland, a truck maker, but to clinch the deal, he needed dollars. That was the paramount thing in my life, “he would recall several years later. Nothing should mar Nina’s wedding.


Sceptics laughed when he announced his plans, but he proved them wrong. It is an incredible accomplishment.

What really hurt Reliance badly was a gaping hole in operating profits caused by a variety of factors. Huge capacities in a relatively underdeveloped’market put intense pressure on Reliance’s sales and marketing teams. But at the same time, it does not concentrate only on the financial aspect of their empires. It wasn’t enough and the bear syndicate was forced to ask for time to deliver the Textiles is a trade driven product. The entire family uprooted itself, from Jamna downwards, and rented a flat at Kabutarkhana Anyone who says we will do this in twenty-four months has not done a proper estimation, for only by accident can the real requirement match such a nice round number Tells you many things about how great businessmen run their businesses.

Looking them straight in the eye, Dhirubhai lashed out: It’s the most famous car in Bombay.