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Francis Imbuga. Betrayal in the City. page comprehensive study guide; Features an extended summary and 5 sections of expert analysis. Written by a. BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA THE AUTHOR – FRANCIS IMBUGA () Prof. Imbuga was born in in Vihiga county in Western . In Betrayal in the City, there is a lot of commotion created by the university BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA (reposted).

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Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

Traditionalism, it includes those values which exist in traditional culture and way of life. It portrays them as religious despite the challenges they are facing.

He says that five of them are his own personal appointments. H e is loyal to Boss when he has power because he is corruptly awarded public land tenders. He allows a fugitive, Mustafa, to escape across the border. Since his brother’s death, he has been imbuag strangely. Infuriated, Boss orders Mulili to kill Kabito and make it look like an accident. After confessing to have murdered Chagaga an angry mob almost lynched him. Wish I vy had to analyse it ciyt deeply.

Write an essay to illustrate this in close reference to Bertolt Bretch’ s the Caucasian Chalk Circle. Help me on this.

Betrayal in the City: A Play – Francis Imbuga – Google Books

Allusion Allusion refers to reference to something or someone else without the context of a given text. Prisoners are taking part in the play to entertain the visiting head of state to show national unity. He is impressed by the way he got the tender.

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Boss arrives and asks Jusper to stage the play. He is coming from the river where he has thrown Chagaga’s body whom he had caught burning Adika’s grave to prevent Adika’s ghost from haunting him-as the community believes. A state can be brought down if its leadership thrives on cronism and poor advisors. At this juncture is when Tumbo is told by Regina that Jusper can write plays.

Tumbo is happy when Jusper highlights in the play the influx of expatriate is a sign of potential progress. Prisoners must perform a play that must entertain the visiting head of state in order to earn amnesty. Tumbo comes to visit Regina and Mr.

At some point, Tumbo thinks he is drunk.

Betrayal in the City

His brother Adika was shot dead during a demonstration held by the university students. Melissa rated it liked it Mar 12, The same happens in the state of Kafira through various characters.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Nick rated it really liked it Oct 09, Tumbo also fails to conduct a play writing competition and instead chooses Jusper and pays him only a third of the money. Doga and Nina, two innocent and bereaved citizens cannot carry out a simple ceremony for their dead son. The play shows various betrayals happening in Kafira state by the government leaders to their people, through using power to silence people by imprisoning them and sometimes killing them.


In a bid to secure conviction for Mosese, his sister Regina is subjected to beating by soldiers as people watch, forcing her to give evidence against him. Write an essay in support of this statement drawing illustrations from the play Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga.

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Apr 20, Levi Cheruo rated tge really liked it. Title may be followed by a colon and subtitles which usually focuses on the idea expressed on the main title.

Jusper agrees to write a play which is later acted by Jere and Mosese. He portrays Mulili humorously. In opposition, Regina argues that people should be concerned about survival instead of trying to fight a ruthless regime that is ready to kill.

They can only be published if he can ffrancis or cover the truth. When we do not quite see what is tough in his line of duty. Many citizens of Kafira have been crucified innocently just like Jesus and many others are the Pilates that beat up Christ. This is a verse in the Bible. Isaac Maddona rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Jan 21, Kentom added it.

To put them in their place, he brings in three hundred more expatriate personnel just to prove his point.