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and cover your head before studying the contents Asa Dee Vaar (From SGGS Page line 17 to Asa di Var English Translation kar aasan ditho chaa-o. balihaaree gur aapnay di-uhaarhee sad vaar. A hundred times a day, I am a sacrifice to my Guru; ijin mwxs qy dyvqy kIey krq n lwgIvwr ]1] (, A wsw, m ∞. Asa di VaarAsa-di-varmeans A ballad of hope; it is one of the basic Asa di Vaar: Complete Gurmukhi text with English Transliteration and Translation.

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The Guru praised the role of woman in family life. So that our self-assertiveness should be replaced by self-surrender. A few are given below: Those who serve are content.

When regulated by right motivation and active service, it is positive and beneficial. Even though they may beg from door to door, no one will give them charity. They d endeavor to put their wills in harmony with Divine Will.

The Truth of Truths is pervading everywhere. They eat the meat of the goats, killed after the Muslim prayers are read over them, cha-ukay upar kisai na jaa n aa. Contemplating the Guru, I have been taught these teachings; na d ree karam la gh aa-ay paar.

Asa-di-varmeans A ballad of hope; it is one of the basic sacred compositions for the Sikhs and is sung every morning in congregation in gurdwaras. His past and present mould his future. They call themselves celibate, and abandon their homes, but they do not know the true way of life.


> Asa di Var English Translation

Nanak is a slave to anyone who understands this mystery of the all-pervading Lord; he himself is the Immaculate Divine Lord. But one who feels good only when good is done for him, and feels bad when things go badly aasak ayhu na aa kh ee-ai je lay kh ai var t ai so-ay.

Thus the Lord of the World, the Great Giver is obtained. In his age, women were neglected and held in contempt by men. God knows our inner selves and cannot be cheated by any so-called holy practice. Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras. Such a sacred thread is worn in the Court of the Lord; it shall never break.

O Nanak, those who do not think of the Guru, and who think of themselves as clever, chh utay t il boo-aa rh ji-o su nj ay an d ar kh ay t. The Guru rejected the ‘Transfer-theory’ of Brahmins, that offerings given to them, were of benefit to the ancestors of the donors. Nanak says, listen, people: July 7, at 9: You are the Great Forgiver; You give continually, more and more each day. Through silence, he is ruined. One who sings it, is carried across. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This world is the room of the True Lord; within it is the dwelling of the True Lord. The corn is sacred, the water is sacred; the fire and salt are sacred as well; when the fifth thing, the ghee, is added, t aa ho-aa paak pavi t. By His Command, when He places His hand on our foreheads, wickedness departs from within.


Following this, the seeker’s life-style begins to change: If a servant performs service, while being vain and argumentative, galaa karay gh a n ayree-aa kh asam na paa-ay saa d. Man is born of woman; he is wedded to women. As are the deeds done, so is the reputation one acquires. Chanting the Name, sins depart; naanak t a-o mo kh an t ar paahi.

Let there be no rudeness or discourtesy between one person and another. False is the mansion, false are the skyscrapers; false are those who live in them.

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Search Gurbani SearchGurbani brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. Summing up the Asa-di-var’s message we can summarise it under three headings ethical, social and metaphysical. One Universal Creator God. Why id you do such evil deeds, that you shall have to suffer so?

They do not place their feet in sin, but do good deeds and live righteously in Dharma. After explaining the role of a spiritual teacher Guru Nanak goes to tell us that divine wisdom is acquired through intellect.

But what can be achieved by bowing the head, when the heart is impure? They draw lines around them, plastering the ground with cow-dung. Behold — what justice is this?