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Furigana uses Kana (usually Hiragana) to phonetically transcribe Kanji, above ( for You can make adjustments there, click “OK “to insert. To use this add-on: * Install it, and restart Anki * Click “Add” in the . It saves so much time automatically adding the furigana – I use it all the. You can attach furigana (kana or romaji) to sentences written in Japanese. ・ Select whether or not to add furigana to katakana as well.

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Granted the latter is a valid reading, but it’s certainly not at all the most common.

This is a much bigger problem for longer sentences: Thank you for wdd this!! Not doing so falls under ‘Low effort’ see rule 6.

But that might just be me. To show furigana with your own note types: Especially furigana are not fixed, a kanji can potentially have many different readings based on context.

IPA furigana

Successful porting to anki 2, but a small regression Happy to find again this very useful plugin after the sdd to version 2, but I put only four stars because of a small regression from my point of view: I even uninstalled the add-on and reinstalled it, I changed the names of the source and destination fields multiple times, it just refuses to work. Want to add to the discussion? If you’re receiving errors about mecab, you may need to add an exception to your antivirus program for mecab.


I kind of skipped over those cause I thought it was the programming language.

How to display Furigana phonetic guide for Japanese Kanji in MS-Word | Thomas’ Work Space

I’d rather like to also be able to have it include the reminder, to know how far it’ll get me and my group. I’m a complete noob when it comes to Anki I don’t even understand it yet and have only messed around so far and I’m a complete beginner when it comes to Japanese, especially Kanji and I know nothing when it comes to Python If you’re on Windows it’s likely your antivirus; if you’re on Linux then perhaps you’re not on a 64 bit distro.

In addition, change bulkreading. Email Required, but never shown. I myself don’t have enough knowledge in Python, but it would be great if there were a fix for this in the future. This will do the trick: ZarNge 1 4. I’ve used it for months with Anki 1, and it still works great with Anki 2. Now they all have full kanji for the front of the card, but if I forget a kanji I can just mouse over it to remind myself what the kana are.

This add-on provides three note types: Deosnt seem to work on latest version. To use this add-on: I know, but my own Kanji list have character. A Must Have An absolutely fantastic add-on. Content creators wishing to advertise must contact the mods first. Do not guess or attempt to answer questions beyond your own knowledge.


This site is for discussion about Japanese Language Stack Exchange. It turns out there were 2 problems: I need some automatic method.

Attach Furigana to the Japanese you want to read!

It works very well! Granted this may be more of a problem with the font, but ad really no reason to force the substitution in the first place. Until I found it, I was entering all the hiragana reading in another field with colors to diferentiate the words, since a full hiragana phrase is so unreadable.

In order to create something like this, ad just gonna have to break out Photoshop or a specialty typographic design application. I just want have other automatic way to do it.

Essentially, it would be good if this script were a little more flexible without the need to dive into “code”. Any incorrectly generated readings make me extremely wary of using this addon much. In the file reading. Post as a guest Name. As of Axd and with Anki 2.